My Home Screen Setup Dilemma: iPhone 6 Redux

I've had my iPhone 6 for about a month now and I'm happy with the home screen that I've ended up with. I've added 1 row of apps and did some re-organizing to keep things color coordinated. I still like the look of having some empty rows at the bottom. Even with the bigger phone, I don't feel the need to fill them. I think Trello might be on the chopping block though. I haven't opened it mobile app or the website in months.

The 4 apps I've added are:

  • Slingshot - Created by Facebook and similar to snapchat, I use this to send images and short (vine-like) videos to some close friends. It's been fun communicating this way to friends who are hours away. The schtick is that in order to see something I sent, a friend has to send a sling back.
  • Quotebook 3 - I've been collecting quotes a lot lately. Whether it be something smart someone said at work, something a friend/family member said that I want to remember, or something funny I saw on TV, Quotebook makes this enjoyable. It also lets you sort and view by author. I could have also done this in DayOne, but the Lickability guys make such great apps. I wanted to try it out and it stuck.
  • Unread - I was a heavy, heavy Reeder user. But, it hadn't been updated for the iPhone 6 yet so I moved to using unread full-time. Unread is just delightful. It's gorgeous and a joy to use. I usually switch to Instapaper for long reads but now I find myself staying in Unread more and more. I needed to fill another row, so my RSS reader has moved from Launch Center Pro, to my homescreen.
  • Pinswift - Has been my Pinboard client of choice since it came out. It's moved onto my homescreen

I also gave David Smith's "Invisible Icons" trick a try, to get an empty top row. I left it for a week, but it really wasn't doing it for me.

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