2 Amazing Phones, 1 Tough Decision

Apple’s much anticipated & talked about event on September 9, introduced the world to the bigger iPhone 6 & even bigger iPhone 6 Plus. Before we get carried away, let's rewind and go back to a time when all we had were our hopes and dreams. Rumors everywhere were predicting 4.7 & 5.5" displays on the new iPhone and all I kept thinking was, “5.5"!! Seriously, who needs that much display?”. Immediately I decided against such a device.  I’ve never been shy when it came to poking fun at those with ginormous phones (aka Samsungs). Simply put, they’re just way too big and unmanageable for one hand.  This was solely based on perceptions and brief encounters with co-workers phones; personally, I’ve had no “real world” experience with any of them and the closest I’ve come would be my work phone. The work phone, an HTC 8x, has a 4.7inch display and sharp squared off edges. Besides, from the Windows based operating system & awkward hand-holding, I’ve managed to tolerate it, but always preferred the 4" screen on my iPhone 5S.  When comparing the two phones, HTC was simply bigger and bulkier = not a fan. After taking these thoughts and feelings into consideration, I knew I was destined for the smaller screened iPhone and even picked the gold 4.7" model during the iOSDocked prediction show.  Accessories were pre-ordered.  My mind was made up … or at least that was the case up until "The Event".

At approximately 1:00PM on 9/9, Apple announced two new phones: the iPhone 6 & the iPhone 6 Plus. The 6 has a 4.7" display and the Plus has a 5.5" display. Not only does the 6 Plus offer a larger display, the phone itself is substantially larger. It stands about half an inch taller then the 6, and makes the iPhone 5/5S/5C models look and feel tiny in your hand.  Aside from the noticeable size differences, the 6 and 6 Plus are nearly identical, with the exception of greater battery life and Optical Image Stabilization on the Plus. Like I mentioned before, both models are very similar in specifications and hardware, but I had to try both models out for myself. I was lucky enough to have access to both the 6 and 6 Plus for about a week which helped me make my final decision. Here are  my findings…

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 is sleek, slim, & comfortable to hold with the rounded edges. Pictures are clear and beautiful - the battery life is much improved from the 5S but still not a able to handle a full day of me playing around.  One handed use was not a problem for me, (but I do have larger hands) and I was able to reach all areas of the screen without utilizing the new reachability feature.  

** Reachability is a new feature which allows you to double tap on the home button and the screen contents drop to the lower half of your device.

iPhone 6 Plus 

This phone is a monstrosity, but in a good way!  It’s a littler thicker then the 6 but doesn’t compromise comfort; still fits nicely in my hands!  The battery life is amazing, and beyond comparison to all other iPhone batteries - I was able to get through a full 10hr work day and still had battery left over.  Photos & videos are absolutely mind-blowing, especially if you are moving. The optical image stabilizer does a fantastic job of capturing content while moving and seeing the images on the retina HD 5.5" screen could leave you speechless!  It’s bright, vibrant, & colorful display makes watching videos or viewing photos a truly pleasurable and enjoyable experience

One handed use was a slightly trickier for me (remember, this is my experience, yours may be different).  

Now, I admit I have larger then most so, one handed use took me some time to get used to, but after a few days, I feel like I’ve mastered it.  I don’t utilize the reachability feature and honestly I forget it’s even there, unless I accidentally activate it.  Lastly, the phone allows you to rotate your home screen, so you can hold in it any position - this feature is only available on the 6 Plus.


After a week of back and forth with both devices, I chose the 6 Plus. This wasn’t an easy decision. The physical attributes of the iPhone 6 are undeniably pleasing, but ultimately it's the camera quality, beautiful display, and awesome battery life that swayed me to go with the Plus. Adjusting to one handed use was quick and painless and I’ve had no issue with the size of the device (fits in pant pockets without incident).  

Also, I’ve even found myself using my phone more and my iPad Air less.  In the last few weeks, it’s only been picked up a few times and that was mostly to update to iOS 8.1 and check battery life. I still carry it with me for those “just in case” moments, but there’s a good chance it may become my Son’s. He currently has a 16GB iPad2 and is quickly running out of space - guess it’s true what they say, like Father, like Son!

I hope this provided some insight into your decesion making. Honestly, the best way to make a choice is to head over to an Apple Store, hold and play around with both devices yourself. Let me know what factors or features played a part in your choice in the comments or on twitter.

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