iTunes Free App of the Week: Pacman

Pacman by Namco is this weeks free app from Apple. Pacman is a childhood classic for me and I absolutely love this game. From the AppStore: 

Who can forget the countless hours and quarters spent avoiding pesky ghosts while chompin’ on pellets and gobbling up fruit for bonus points?

In addition to the Classic maze, there are eight new mazes to explore, each featuring ghost-free Bonus rounds. Try them out for free and purchase them to play forever!

Guide PAC-MAN with two different control modes. Chomp on pellets with the swipe of a finger in Swipe Mode, or navigate through the mazes by touching the onscreen Joystick in Joystick Mode.

Munch fruits and other items for big points! Gobble flashing Power Pellets to weaken ghosts temporarily and eat them up before they change back. Avoid Blinky, the leader of the ghosts, and his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky and Clyde, or you will lose a life. Get an extra life when you reach 10,000 points!

• Arcade perfect classic PAC-MAN
• 8 new mazes for all new challenges
• Two different control modes 
• Three game difficulties
• Retina display support

Namco did a decent job on porting this classic console game to iOS.  There are issues with the swipe controls.  At times the swipe may not be recognized in the correct direction and Pacman may go in the wrong direction.  Otherwise this is an absolute must have. Grab it while its free!!