iPhonaddict Reviews: LifeProof Nüüd for iPhone 5S

If you have an iPhone, then chances are you have some sort of protection on it.  There are no shortages of the types of protection available for your device: skins, bumpers, cases, battery cases. LifeProof has been making cases for the iPhone since 2011 (I think). They market them as being snow, shock, dirt and waterproof.  I have owned a Lifeproof for my 4S, 5 and now 5S. They are very good at protecting your device with minimal trade off. I was able to take my iPhone into the Delaware River over the summer during my family vacation and take some great photos of my son and wife.  I would not have taken my phone near the river with out that case.  

The Nüüd case offers total phone protection without a screen protector.  You are physically tapping the glass screen of your iPhone, not a plastic screen protecting it.  

Lets review some key areas of the case.

Touch ID. 

Touch ID, Speaker & Microphone

LifeProof says Touch ID works just fine with the nüüd case.  I can tell you that for the last week that Touch ID has worked less then 50% of the time. It's not user error either. I have my finger scanned multiple times and unlocking worked about 90-95% of the time prior to putting the case on. Normal functionality returns when I remove the case as well.  


The speaker and microphone are protected by a special acoustic layer the allow sound to pass through but keeps liquids out.  With the cases for the 4/4S and 5, the audio was barely muffled. However with the 5S case, music sounds "tinny" and a few people complained they had issues hearing me. I did not have any issues hear people on the other end of the phone from the earpiece, only with the speaker on the bottom.  

Headphone Jack & Charging Port

The headphone jack has been improved over previous cases.  On the older cases the screw cap was not attached to anything and you could easily loose it.  This time around the screw cap is attached to the case, slimming the chances of it being lost. The door for the charging port is a little difficult to open.

Headphone jack & Charging Port

Trying to bring up Control Center often takes multiple attempts. The bezel of the case comes very close to the edge of the screen and hinders gestures. Here are some other images of the case:

Bottom Line

The cons (Touch ID/Audio issues) outweigh the pro (Protection). Another drawback to this case is the cost.  $100.00. Unless you absolutely need a waterproof case and have an extra hundred bucks to spare, I would skip the nüüd from LifeProof until they can refine it a little more.