Cutting the Cord, One Month Later

As you may know, I've been weighing the pros & cons of cutting the cord for a while, and after much debate I finally decided to do it! Hi, My name is Danny, and I've been cord free for 4 weeks. If you missed my reasons why or want more info on "cutting the cord", check out this post.   

Comcast (Xfinity) came to my house, ran a new wire from the street into my living room, made a quick call to the service center and my modem was up and running in about an hour. Getting my Apple Time Capsule to work correctly was slightly a different story. This one need a bit of tinkering with but after a settings reset and a reboot of both devices the issue was fixed. After that I simply I plugged in what I needed (Apple TV, PS3 and my NAS) and I was good to go. 

In addition to the modem, I also picked up 2 antennas and 1 digital converter box - one of my TV's is older; it works fine, just doesn't accept digital air wave signals. The antenna took some finagling, but my hardwork paid off and I now get local stations, like FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, crystal clear. There are the occasional hiccups but the same things happen with paid services. I must admit, I'm rather impressed with the picture quality of the OTA broadcast - honestly you wouldn't know the difference if I didn't tell you.  

I utilized my parents Fios information so I can have full access to network services which require a paid subscription: HBO, Cinemax, ABC, Disney etc. Those combined with Hulu Plus & Netfilx are keeping me rather entertained & satisfied. I may not be able to watch a show live, but majority of shows are available the next day on Hulu - this in turn eliminates the need for a DVR.

When it comes to Hulu & Netflix, I've been "Team Hulu" lately - only because I've been "binge watching" a few shows. Don't get me wrong, Netflix has a lot of movies and shows (IE - Orange is the New Black & House of Cards) I want to watch but they are on the back burner for now. 

Another service being talked about is Aereo; this serivice is $8/month and allows you to watch live OTA TV via the internet. They have antennas connected to a DVR which makes the show viewable on any device that's connected to the web. I tried it out for a few days and had mixed results in picture quality - sometimes it was great and others it was pixilated; there was little consistency. In the end, my antennas have been producing good results so I decided to cancel my subscription. If you're interested, Aereo offers a 1 month free trial, but be aware they're being sued by broadcast companies like FOX, ABC, CBS, etc and are headed to the Supreme Court so they may not be around for too much longer.

I also discovered a new podcast called Cord Killers. These guys talk about their own experiences, what shows and services are available, and different types of equipment - It's definitely worth a listen!

All in all, I'm enjoying streaming services and haven't really missed my cable subscription. Some shows like Conan, Top Chef, The Real Housewives and other Bravo favorites aren't available on Netflix or Hulu, so my wife's been hurting (a little). Thankfully, I found a partial workaround by connecting my MacBook to the TV and some of her shows can be watched this way; happy wife = happy life! As for me, I've actually found myself doing more around the house and was able to catch up on some reading. The fact that I'm saving money and bettering myself is definitely being added to the list of pros for cord cutting! I'll check back in after a few months and update you on how things are going (could be a lil rough with baseball season rapidly approaching). In the mean time, let me know if theres anything interesting that you're watching or if you have any input on your experience in ditching cable/satellite TV service...

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