iPhone 5/5S Camera Comparison

With the new iPhone 5s,m comes an updated camera. The main change is the aperture of the lens, changing from 2.4 to a 2.2. This change allows more light onto the sensor allowing for better images. The other change is a dual LED flash. The dual flash will help photos show in a more natural color. I did a quick comparison of both phones so you can see the difference. All of the images below are un-edited and taken in a room with minimal light.  

You can see the image from the 5S is crisper. 

The yellow in the 5S is more true compared to the 5.

The skin tone is more natural.  Also take note that you can see more of the background.  

As you can see the image quality of the iPhone 5S is superior to the iPhone 5. The dual flash and larger aperture allow this to happen. Apple always touts how the camera in the iPhone is better then most camera phones on the market. Phil Schiller even went as far as saying some of the features of the iPhone 5S camera are DSLR like. I have heard people say that the best camera you own is the one that is with you. Photos taken with the 5S will prove that to be correct. Feel free to share your photos with The Snap Zone for us to see.  

Written by Danny Tammaro.  You can follow Danny on TwitterAppDotNet, Google+