24 Hours with my iPhone 5S (Thoughts and Ramblings)

  • Space Gray is a very nice color, it's the black face that seems to not agree with iOS 7.
  • The fingerprint sensor is one of those nice features that you will be totally in love with and it will feel natural to you almost immediately.
  • I'm not much of a photo taker, so I can't comment on the camera improvements.
  • iOS 7 is the buggiest iOS release to date. I assumed the faster processor in the iPhone 5S would help with that. Nope, still buggy. With that said, I absolutely love iOS 7.
  • For iPhone 5 owners, after using the 5S for awhile, you may question what's different. Even I have yet to appreciate how the 5S makes my life any better.
  • The fact that my 64GB iPhone 5S cost me $399 and I was able to sell my iPhone 5 for $500 made this purchase a no-brainer for me. Am I blown away? No. Do I take comfort in knowing I have the best smartphone Apple has ever made sitting in my pocket? Yes.