iPhone 5S vs Note 3: Which and Why?

I am writing this piece just a couple hours before Apple's latest hardware event kicks off. All week, I have been thinking about Samsung's announcement of the Note 3. I have been internally struggling in making a decision of what I want my next phone to be. I have flirted with Android on occasion and my recent fling with the Note 2 marked the longest period of time I have consistently owned an Android device. There was not a lot to not like about the Note 2. I can honestly say that it would have been my phone/tablet of choice had I decided to leave the tried, true and familiar iOS platform. The Note 3 announcement once again had my interest peaked. Enough so, that I was considering leaving iOS completely for at least 12 months to really put it through it's paces and see if I could really make this phone work as my one and only, my daily driver, my ultimate convergence device. 

I contemplated making a pro and con list, putting in on paper and really thinking about the decision to switch. As I prepared the run down of this list in my head, it was clearly lopsided in favor of iOS for a number of reasons. 

  • It simply works and works flawlessly. 
  • Should I have an issue, customer support is exceptional.  
  • There are key apps on iOS that aren't offered on Android that really enhance my workflows in terms of efficiency (Omnifocus, TextExpander, Launch Center Pro and Day One to name a few) .
  • I live in the iOS+Mac OSX ecosystem already (Macbook Air, iPhone, iPad & Apple TV).
  • I am invested in iCloud (apps, services, entertainment) .
  • My family and coworkers are ALL on iOS making keeping in contact via iMessage and FaceTime stupid easy. 
  • The hardware is built to last and the resale value is unmatched by any other hardware manufacturer. 
  • I co-host an iOS centric podcast and have done so for 3 years and have developed friendships with those I host the podcast with. There is a joy that comes from getting your hands on new Apple gear and discussing your experiences with these guys on the show.

Then there is the Note 3. This device simply intrigues me. It is the current king of smartphones in my opinion in terms of size, function, and power. But is that enough to make it the better choice for me? Let's take a moment to appreciate what the Note 3 has that the latest phone in the iOS lineup will more than likely not have. 

  • The display is big, bold and in full HD 
  • S-Pen functionality is something that I would find useful in my line of work for different reasons. 
  • The Note 3 has unmatched battery life.
  • A truly unique UI made to simplify usability (some may question this one but I actually am a fan of the Touchwiz tweaks). 

I start running out of reasons pretty quickly here. It is obvious that when you weigh out these two options, any competent person who had any kind of sense would pick the iPhone 5S as their next phone of choice. I should stick with what works, stick with what I know. I should stick with the ecosystem that I am completely submerged in. The iPhone 5S along with iOS 7 will more than certainly take my already solid experience and improve on that in the way that only Apple does. Not in leaps and bounds, but rather in small easy to absorb morsels. The Note 3 is still intriguing and probably will continue to be for the foreseeable future, but I believe it's a device looking for a problem to solve. With respect to the latest edition in the iPhone lineup, it has already solved all my problems. Why should I go looking for more?

There is a tech enthusiast in me who loves to see brands like Samsung building very special and intriguing products like the Note 3. It is a different kind of product and had Apple not already been integrated so deeply into my lifestyle, a switch could have been a refreshing and adventurous change. But for now, at this time in my life, being content with what is tried and true just seems like the right choice. 

So now just one hour before Apple's announcement,

I choose the iPhone 5S.