This iPhone Addict is Going Case-less.....

The iPhone 5 is a beautiful device.  It is sleek, easy to hold, sturdy and very well designed.  With the iPhone 5S (assumed name) rumored to be on the horizon and a new color option, champagne & graphite, I have decided that when I get the new phone on launch day I will do so and NOT put a case on it. I will be getting the 64GB champagne version. I currently have the slate iPhone and feel the champagne is absolutely gorgeous.  

I have always been a case guy.  As soon as the phone came out of the box a case was on it. That has helped save my rear a few times. My case of choice was the LifeProof.  It is a fantastic case and I recommend it to everyone. I decided that the champagne iPhone is too beautiful to hide behind a case. I want to show it off to everyone. I am that guy that needs to be a show off with his technology.  

In prepping myself to go case-less, I purchased Ghost Armor for my iPhone 5. It cost me 15 bucks to have a clear protective skin installed and took about 15 minutes.  The skin adds a nice protective layer on the back and sides of the phone, reducing the chance of damaging the phone. I have only had the skin on for less then a week but am a huge fan of it already. The only habits I have changed are that I no longer purposely drop the phone on the floor or submerge it in water to show off like I did with the LifeProof case. Don't get me wrong, I have dropped my phone and cringed a little bit, slowly opening my eyes afraid of any damage done. To my relief, there was nothing. There were no marks and no dents. There is a nice warranty as well. All you pay for is a re-installion of the skin which is $5-$15 dollars, depending on your device and the skin (full body vs back only).

I may (probably will) buy the LifeProof case for the 5S when it is available. Not because I do not trust Ghost Armor, but because I have a toddler that enjoys going in the pool.  Recording video and pictures of him in the pool is so much easier to do while not worrying about getting your phone wet.  Aside from that I will be rocking my phone naked and proud. The internet could also be wrong and we will not get a champagne colored phone. If that happens, I will be getting the white & silver version and the Ghost Armor will still be applied.  

Written by Danny Tammaro.  You can follow Danny on TwitterAppDotNet, Google+