5 iOS Apps That Have Improved My Life

The iPhone changed my life immediately after acquiring one as my primary device back in 2007.  The device has continued to make life more manageable and enjoyable for me as a boss, a husband, a father and a blogger/podcaster. As the years have passed, it has been the amazing apps available on the iOS platform that have continued to impress me with the way they help me adapt to the changes that happen in my life. I wanted to focus this post on 5 particular apps that encompass just what I'm talking about.


 Omnifocus is my life inbox. If it is on my mind, I quickly move it to my Omnifocus Inbox. From there, I organize into projects, contexts, start dates and due dates and let the apps do the rest. My life would be a wreck without it. Omnifocus keeps me from letting the details in my life slip through the cracks. 

Cloudmagic is my massive electronic filing cabinet that I always have with me (assuming I have an internet connection). Whether the file is in my Dropbox, Evernote account or somewhere in my Gmail archives, I have wicked-fast access to it all. This app has saved me on numerous occasions in more ways than you can imagine. I have since become the go-to-guy in my line of work for everything that can't be found. Thanks to Cloudmagic, I don't mind being that guy. 

Launch Center Pro changed my iOS experience completely. If time is money, Launch Center Pro is a game changer. It has become my most used application of all time. Using URL schemes, it gives you quick gesture based shortcuts to actions within other iOS apps. There are so many ways I have taken advantage of what this app has to offer that it would be a 10 part post just to cover them all. With more and more big name app devs taking note of this app and building support for it, it continues to be an immovable force in my iPhone's dock. 

If you care anything about security, 1Password has got you covered. Like a lot of people I know, I was a complete moron when it came to passwords. This app takes morons and makes them feel like geniuses. Simply put, 1password makes creating unique encrypted passwords a breeze. You can't be too safe these days. The cost of the app pales in comparison to the cost of losing your identity.  

Lose It! has kept me from becoming lazy and fat. It monitors my daily food intake and logs my exercises. Enter your measurements, define your weight goals and track your progress with a beautiful easy to use interface. In the busy life I live, it has helped me not lose sight of the priority that needs to be my personal health.