iPhoneaddict Reviews: Aero

Aero is a relatively new weather app from Robert Paul Neagu. The app is easy to use and looks great. Upon launching the app you are prompted to allow the app to use your location. Once you choose allow, the weather will update for your area. Tapping the icon in the top left corner will bring up the settings.  

Here you can add locations, change to the Metric System (Celsius), enable the icon badge (will display the current temperature) and enable push notifications. On the bottom half of this section are your locations. You can re-order them by long pressing on them. Tapping on a city will take you to the weather. 

While on your cities weather, you are able to see the current temperature, humidity, wind speed and pressure. At the bottom of the screen is a 5 day forecast. Tapping on the clock on the right upper corner will bing up an hourly forecast for the selected city.  The sunrise and sunset times are also located here. Swiping left to right will cycle through the locations you have added. Each location has a beautiful background of the current weather. During my testing, I swiped onto a city where there were thunder storms. My phone vibrated and the screen flashed to indicate there was a storm, I thought that was a nice add on. Another feature of Aero is Wikipedia integration. Long pressing on the cities name will launch a Wiki page within the app. To refresh the weather, just pull down and release.

Aero does has a few short comings:

- No visual radar. 
- There is no way to contact the developer from within the app. 
- Slow to update while you are moving
- No way to set push notification times

There are a lot of App Store reviews claiming the weather to be very inaccurate. I have been using this app for just about 2 weeks now and have found there to only be a few degrees different. The screen shot below is Aero and the stock weather app (info provided by Yahoo).

Overall Aero is a beautiful and simple to use weather app with a few minor annoyances.  For $0.99 its a good buy and you wont be disappointed. It is worth noting that the app is still a 1.0 version so there will be some issues. I reached out to the dev and confirmed they are working on a 1.1 update.