Starbucks Picks of the Week: Sky Guide & Hundreds

Yes folks you read that correct, I said picks, meaning two.  This weeks digital pick of the week is Sky Guide: View Stars Day or Night  From the App Store:

A window to the stars has never been more beautiful and easy to use. Just aim your iPhone or iPad at the sky to identify stars, planets and more in any direction you point. Experience the wonders of the night in ways you’ve only dreamed of.
Is it a star or Saturn? Learning what’s in your sky is now effortless with Sky Guide. Hold it up and Sky Guide automatically aligns itself to your surroundings without any setup required! Looking for the constellation Virgo? No problem. You can search for thousands of celestial objects and be guided exactly where to look in your sky.
Sky Guide contains immersive visuals unlike any star app you have seen before. Based on a high-resolution sky panorama created by one of the app developers, Sky Guide is the product of over 37,000 actual photographs! This exclusive imagery gives you stunning realism that lets you witness millions of stars—not just a few thousand simulated points! Plus, you can control the intensity of the stars with HDR brightness gestures to dial in your local viewing conditions.
Sky Guide may have few buttons but it has ample content. With more articles by leading astronomical authors than apps costing ten times the price, many enlightened moments await novice and seasoned stargazers alike. Plus, Sky Guide functions with or without a Wi-Fi, data, or GPS signal. Everything is at your fingertips at all times, in all places.
• Elegant and simple: Unobtrusive controls and gestures free up the screen for the best sky view yet.
• Rich content: Loads of stunning Retina-quality graphics and original artwork.
• Soundscape: Designed by Mat Jarvis, the most highly featured composer in the award-winning soundtrack for the game Osmos. Stars have sounds based on their temperature and size.
• Useful anywhere: Works with or without a GPS or data signal. Built-in access to hundreds of articles no matter where you are.
• HDR brightness gestures: Dynamically control how bright the sky is to match your surroundings.
• Compatible with iPhone 4, 4S, 5; iPad 2, 3rd gen, 4th gen; and iPod Touch, 4th and 5th gen. Sky Guide requires a gyroscope, so it doesn't work with iPad 1 or iPhone 3gs and earlier.

In addition to the weekly digital download, Starbucks also offers in store promo cards. The second pick is a game called Hundreds.  I have been playing this game since launch. I absolutely love it. Our own Clay Russell is also a fan of this game. He has previously chosen it as his iLike for the iOSDocked podcast.  From the App Store: 

Simple in concept, deep in design, Hundreds is a puzzle game that requires quick fingers and deep thinking. Editor's Choice, #3 iPad App, #5 iPhone App!
“✭✭✭✭✭” ~ TouchArcade, Mac|Life, Gamezebo, SlideToPlay, 148Apps, GameSaku, AppStorm, PixelsApp and more
The goal of Hundreds: Grow at least 100 points between the circles in each puzzle. Circles turn red and volatile while being grown and if they collide, it's game over. It's that easy.
⦿ Over 100 unique puzzles - no filler!
⦿ Elegant, minimalist graphics
⦿ Mesmerizing original soundtrack
⦿ Sync progress via iCloud
Hundreds is a Universal App with support for most devices, including iPhone 4, iPhone 5, all iPads, and the iPad mini.


So fire up your Starbucks app, head to your messages and download Sky Guide, normally $1.99. After you do that hop into your car, onto your bike or whatever your favorite mode of transportation is and head to your local Starbucks, order your favorite latte and grab a code for Hundreds, normally $4.99.