UPDATED - TEKSide Team iWants for iOS 7

With just a few days before Apple unveils a Jonny Ive inspired iOS 7, the members of Tekside.net put together their top 3 iWants for the next version of iOS.

Sam Strickland
  • Polishing existing features - There are a lot of big features that would be exciting to see. I'd buy an iWatch in a second and an aesthetic refresh would be more than welcome. However, iOS feels it's worst when it comes to minor usability issues. Why not let all folders scroll like Newstand? Why is Siri so slow? Why should I have to worry about the data I put in iCloud? I want to see Apple smooth out the systems they have before they give me something new.
  • iRadio - I'm deeply invested in Apple's music distribution. I love buying music. Say what you will about Match, but I like the way that iTunes communicates with the Apple TV and my iOS devices. But in the end, it still can't beat streaming services like Rdio or Spotify. 
  • iWatch - Truth be told, I can't say I expect an iWatch from Apple this WWDC. But hey, I'd love one. I broke the last analog watch I bought about a month ago and I've been swaying back and forth between picking up a Pebble. If Apple doesn't give me something better, I'll get my wrist notifications elsewhere.


Jerry Goldbaum

  • UI refresh with improved usability
  • Enhanced Siri functionality of local device settings. (I.e. wifi, BT, etc)
  • New method of file sharing between apps and devices. 

Joseph Lombardo

  • Steve Jobs Hologram 
  • Johnny Ive with a “hair force one” wig

Donny Benfield

  • Redesigned UI
  • iMessage added functionality 
  • Enhanced Siri and Mobile pay

Jordan Patterson

  • Expanded Photostream/photo syncing with aperture
  • Additional functionality on top of the new UI
  • Expanded communication between applications

Clay Russell
  • iWatch
  • A UI worthy to be called Jony Ive’s iOS 
  • An all new settings panel (with some mother friggin’ toggles)

Danny Tammaro

  • Actionable Notifications - Being able to tap on a notification alert for an email or text message and reply.  It is a pain when you are in the middle of something in one app and then taken to the messages app to respond. Bringing up a window for a quick reply would be so much easier.  
  • Quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Location, Screen Brightness. There are plenty of jailbreak tweaks that can do this, I don't see why Apple can't implement it the way they did with Banner Notifications in iOS 5 (They brought in the developer of a jailbreak tweak that did this as an intern).  
  • The ability to select default core applications, Maps, E-Mail, Weather, Stocks, Calendar, Camera, etc. There are thousands of weather, stocks, and email apps available in the app store. My favorite weather app is Check The Weather app. I would love for Siri to show me a weather card from that app over the stock weather app.  Imagine tapping on the Mail icon and Sparrow opens up? Android had been able to do this for years, make it happen Apple.  

Those are our hopes for iOS 7, what are yours?  Let us know in the comments. For more WWDC predictions check out the iOSDocked podcast.  

Written by Danny Tammaro. You can follow Danny on Twitter, AppDotNet, or Google+

 Updated on 6/7/13 to add feedback from Twitter