The WWDC Rundown

Mac OS X

1. Opening video talking about focusing on simplicity and functionality

2. WWC sold out in 71 seconds

3. $110 Billion dollars paid out to developers (3 times the amount of all other platforms combined)

4. 72 million Macs 

5. 28 million copies of Mountain Lion sold

6. OS X Mavericks

7. Finder now has tabs (Think Safari)

8. Add tags to your documents

9. Improved multi display integration, each display is independent

10. iCloud Keychain - Safari stores your passwords & login information & syncs across your macs/iOS devices, can also generate your passwords (think 1password)

11. Actionable notifications: reply to Mail, iMessages

12. Auto App updates

13. Redesigned calendar - no more stitched leather!!!  

14. Maps App for Mac - send directions to your iphone

15. iBooks will be available - 1.8 million books available

16. Dev preview today - public release in the fall


1. MacBook Air - updated with newest Intel Haswell Chips

2. Increased battery life - 11in gets up to 9 hrs 13 in up to 12 hrs

3. 11" now priced $999 for 128GB , 13" $1099 for 256GB

4. New Airport extreme & Time Capsule supporting 802.11 AC

New Mac Pro

1. Sleek black cylinder shape with all of the ports in the back

2. ½ the height of the previous Pro

3. 2x the performace of the previous Pro

4. ThunderBolt 2

5. Dual GPU

6. Assembled in the USA

7. As Phil Schiller said “We cant innovate my ass”

8. Available later this year


1. 300 Million users

2. 240 million Game Center users

3. 800 Billion iMessages

4. Trillions of push notifications

5. Now iWork in the cloud

6. Access Pages, Numbers Keynote in Safari, IE, Chrome on Mac or PC

7. Able to edit Office documents


1. 600 million iOS devices in the wild

2. iOS web traffic is over 2x Android

3. iPad is over 4x vs Android tablets

4. 9 consecutive JD Power awards

5. 97% iOS user satisfaction

6. 93% of iOS devices are on iOS 6

7. ⅓ of Android devices are running OS from 2010

8. Another ⅓ are on the current software

9. iOS complete re-design

10. Jonny Ive video

11. All stock apps are re designed - no more felt and no more stitched leather - Craig made sure to point that out

12. New lockscreen

13. Wallpaper is responsive to movement of the iPhone

14. Live weather inside of the weather app

15. Swipe between cities

16. Pinch to view all cities

17. Calendar looks a lot like Fantastical

18. New colors for iMessage bubbles

19. New keyboard

20. Folders now have multiple pages inside of them

21. Game Center is totally re-vamped

22. Mail is sleeker

23. With Mail & Messages you can swipe from the left to return to main tab

24. Delete in Mail is akin to Mailbox app

25. Notification Center - Today will show events, weather & stocks. 

26. Now available in the lock screen

27. Control Center - Quick settings for Wifi, Bluetooth Do Not Disturb, Brightness, iPod

28. Control Center is translucent, blends with background

29. Available on the lock screen

30. New App switcher: view cards of the apps that are open, sipe to close them

31. Multitasking is smarter.  Learns from user interaction what apps you use the most and regulates when to check for updates

32. Safari - new tabs, full screen browsing, parental controls, iCloud Keychain, new reader

33. Air Drop - share files with anyone around you, no need to touch or bump phones (dig at Android during the video.)  Will be system wide for apps that support it


1. New camera app, swipe between camera modes

2. Filters


1. New layout, sharing, organization, 

2. Moments - groups photos/videos based on date time and location

3. Collection - groups library based on location

4. Sharing - can now add photos to photo streams shared with you.

5. Videos can now be shared to photo streams


1. New UI

2. New voices

3. More system functions

iOS in the Car

1. iOS apps available on your cars display

App Store

1. New categories - age range for children

2. Apps near me

3. Auto app updates


1. Music, Movies, TV Shows all in one app

iTunes Radio

1. Streaming radio stations 

2. Built into the Music App

3. Free for everyone - ad supports

4. No Ads for iTunes Match users

5. Create you own stations, buy songs, share songs

6. Will work on all iOS devices running iOS 7, Macs & PC’s - built into iTunes

Activation Lock

1. Device is tied to your Apple ID and can not be activated with out your information

1500 new API’s, wil be available in the fall for iPhone 4 and newer, iPad 2 and newer, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5th gen

Thank you to contributing writer Danny Tammaro for the great note taking.