iPhonaddict Quick Tips: Keyboard Shortcuts

When Apple released iOS5 in 2011, included was one of the most helpful features: keyboard shortcuts. Typing on the iPhone can be difficult at times but it does get easier with time. I have large fingers and sometimes I hit the wrong letter on the screen. You can create a shortcut for just about anything. I use them the most for entering my email address. Typing dannytammaro.tekside@gmail.com is not easy to type out so I set up a shortcut. Now when I have to enter my email address, I simply type teksidemail and like magic my email address appears.

I tend to type fast on my iPhone so when trying to type "haha" I would often end up with "jana". Not anymore as you can enter commonly misspelled words as shortcuts.  "Jana" will now and forever (until I delete the shortcut) show up as "haha".  For fun, when I enter "aa", the Apple logo will pop up. The shortcuts will sync across iOS devices which is a plus. Check out the video below to see the shortcuts in action. Have fun making your own and comment below with some of the favorites you've created.

Written by Danny Tammaro.  You can follow Danny on TwitterAppDotNet, Google+