Filling the Void: Jailbreak Tweaks with Screenies

Bored with iOS in it's current state, I gave into temptation and decided to jailbreak. I went searching for all those things I have been waiting on Apple to implement into their mobile operating system. I thought I would share with you my favorite jailbreak tweaks along with some complimentary screen shots. The following tweaks have kept my boredom at bay..... for now.

BiteSMS: Compose and reply to text messages with ease. This app comes packed full with other goodies as well like text forwarding, text scheduling, templates and much much more

Call Bar: This is a miniature dialer replacement for your iPhone with convenient swipe gesture functionality baked right in.

Auxo: This is a more attractive task switcher with a card view, toggle support and settings panel shortcuts. 

Bulletin: My main purpose for using this tweak is to clear all relative notifications with ease. 

Now Playing Status Bar: This tweak displays the current song and artist on your status bar.

Activoice: Yes, you don't need to jailbreak to use Google Search, but being able to short hold the home button to immediately use the voice functionality comes in very handy. 

BatteryDoctor Pro: OMG, my favorite and most used jailbreak utility gives you just about everything. Manage profiles, battery and memory. And there are toggles for everything. 

BatteryDoctor Pro: It's so awesome it gets 2 screenshots.

Grabby: This gives you 5 customizable shortcuts to your favorite applications by simply sliding over and up from the lock screen. 

Call on GV: Make outgoing calls using your Google Voice number. Simply choose which method you want to use when placing the call.

MiniPlayer: This is very attractive music player widget for whatever audio you have going. It's accessible from anywhere and can be pushed to the side of the screen to keep out of your way. 

FullScreen Album Art: Provides your lock screen with full screen album art that slowly scrolls from side to side. Very nice touch!

Velox: This is another one of my favorites. Simply swipe on an application to get a nice active widget view. This tweak is seeing a lot of team development to get support for a plethora of apps. 

Velox: Another one of those awesome tweaks that deserves 2 screens shots. 

Pasteboard Key: This tweak gives you a built in pasteboard inside your keyboard. So.....freaking.....handy!

QuickPhoto: This tweak lets you easily insert photos without having to exit your current application. Your camera roll, Photostream and albums are all built in to your keyboard. 

If iOS 7.0 can't get here soon enough for you, maybe you can find what you are looking for in Cydia. Jailbreaking is not for everybody, just for those who need more out of their iPhone than what Apple makes available to us. Tweak to your heart's content but do so at your own risk. :)