iPhonaddict Reviews: Amazon Cloud Drive Photos

Amazon has released Cloud Drive Photos for the iPhone.  You can upload your images to Cloud Drive and view them from anywhere.  Video's are not supported at this time.  The app is available to download for free and connects with your Amazon account.  New users get 5GB of storage for free and the upgrades are as follows:

Cost Per Year/GB of Storage






$500.00/1000 (1TB)

(I have the free 5GB plan and uploaded about 500 images. That used about 700MB of space so you can that as a guideline for your personal needs. )

The app features auto upload of your camera roll to the cloud. Images from shared photo streams can be uploaded but that has to be done manually. Auto upload can be turned off in the settings if you are on a limited data plan.

Once you open the app, you are presented with a log in page. Log in with your amazon credentials and move on to the next step. This screen informs you that auto save is turned on and images will be automatically uploaded once connected to wifi. You are also given the option to turn this feature off.  At the top of the app you have the settings and 2 tabs to choose from, "Cloud" and "Device".  The cloud view will show you all of the images stored in your Cloud Drive.  Device view will show you all of the images locally on your device. 

Clicking on the cog wheel will bring you to the settings.  Here you can see your storage usage, turn auto save on/off (you can also set upload to wifi only here), view the current image that is being uploaded or downloaded, send feedback, get help, view legal information, see the version number of the app and log out.  Under the "Upload" & "Download" tab is a neat feature called "Large Upload Mode".  By clicking on this you will disable the lock screen of your iPhone so the upload does not get interrupted.  This will cause your battery to drain quicker because the display will be on and not going to sleep.

Once your images are uploaded you can view them from anywhere.  Images can be shared to Twitter, Facebook, or email.  You can also print your images to any printer that is on your wifi network.

The only drawbacks to this app I have noticed are:

  1. You can not upload your videos.  
  2. You can not buy more storage from the app.  I believe that is Amazon's way of avoiding paying Apple 30% as they do a similar thing with the Kindle app.

I am impressed at how clean the app looks and is definitely recommended if you use Amazon Cloud for other items or if you need to free up storage space on your iDevice.  Hit the link below to get the app.  

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos is available for free from the App Store and has a 4.5/5 star rating.

Written by Danny Tammaro. You can follow Danny on TwitterAppDotNet, or Google+.