iOSDocked i-Like: Danny's Pick - Smart Case for iPad Air

My i-Like for this weeks episode of the iOSDocked podcast was the Smart Case for iPad Air.  The Smart Case is full body protection for your device vs. screen only with the Smart Cover. Also, unlike the Smart Cover, the Smart Case is made of leather, not polyurethane.  

The Smart Case is available in 6 colors: Black, Brown, Beige, Yellow, Blue and (PRODUCT) RED. As I mentioned, the case protects the entire device with cut outs for the speakers, lightening port, camera, microphones, headphone jack and the mute/orientation lock switch. It should be noted that the cut outs for the headphones and lightening port are not very big so not all of you accessories will work.  I had to modify my charging cable to fit.  Something else I noticed is the Smart Case does mute the sound from the speakers. It is  a subtle mute and does not bother me but it is there. Initially I did not like the feel of the leather, I felt it was too "slippery" in my hand, but it has grown on me and I like it.  


  • Total body protection
  • Cover matches up perfectly with iPad (I had an issue with the Smart Cover)
  • Has a built in screen cleaner (Inside of the cover is made of microfiber) 
  • Looks beautiful in red and a portion of the proceeds help the fight on AIDS
  • Does not add too much bulk, about the thickness of 2 smart covers


  • Expensive, $79.00 plus tax
  • Not all docks/cables/headphones will fit
  • Muted sound (not an issue for me but it may be for some)
  • Cover can be flimsy when rolled up

Overall I highly recommend the Smart Case to anyone that is looking for a case to put on their iPad. It is stylish, comfortable to hold and adds full protection without adding bulk. I personally like the red over the other colors but they are fun and playful.  

Written by Danny Tammaro.  You can follow Danny on Twitter, AppDotNet, Google+