iOS 7 Feature: FaceTime Audio

FaceTime Audio is another handy feature that was introduced with iOS 7. Similar to FaceTime, FaceTime Audio will make a voice only call to another iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, running iOS 7. FaceTime Audio will use your mobile data connection so if you are on a limited plan, be careful.  

Initiating a FaceTime Audio call is very easy to do. Launch the FaceTime app, select the contact you would like to dial and tap on the phone icon.  

FT Favs.jpg

You will notice that one of the contacts has a camera icon, this is for FaceTime video.  It is much easier to add people to your favorites to make FaceTime Audio calls.  

Making FT call.jpg

This is the contact screen. You will notice the message and phone icon. These are for normal calls and messaging. For FaceTime Audio you want to choose the phone icon in the FaceTime section.

Once the call is connected you you immediately notice the call quality. FaceTime Audio blows away a standard telephone call. The audio is crisp, clear and loud.  I made a few calls with my brother, I was able to hear his wife who was about 6 feet away from him, crystal clear.   

Converting your audio call to a video call is very simple. All you have to do is tap the FaceTime icon and your call will convert to video once the person on the other end accepts the request. 

FaceTime Audio is a great feature included in iOS 7. The ability to make VOIP (Voice over IP) calls and bypass using your carriers minute plan is great. As I stated before, the sound quality is superb and making the call is easy. Be mindful of your data plan. If you are on a tiered plan as many people are, you will use up your data quickly. To help avoid this problem try to use WiFi whenever possible. The next time you are calling someone, do yourself a favor and use FaceTime Audio over a standard phone call. You will both appreciate it.  

Written by Danny Tammaro.  You can follow Danny on Twitter, AppDotNet, Google+