2 Smartphones, One Happy Camper

With the recent WWDC announcements leaving me underwhelmed, I unenthusiastically installed the newest beta release for iOS. Yes, 6.0 was announced with it's new maps functionality, random design tweaks throughout the system and a new application by Apple for storing your boarding passes, coupons, discount cards and event tickets. There were some Photostream enhancements and some Facebook integration. But unlike years past, this year's event seemed to be less about the Apple developer or customer and more about an Apple vs.Google war. 

After a few days with the beta and after exploring every nook and cranny of the software, I am bored. I am not bored because the iPhone is boring, I am bored because the iPhone is such a complete device. From the user friendly software to the entirely too familiar hardware, the device is what it is and that just happens to be the perfectly reliable daily driver smartphone for the masses.

But the nerd in me wants more. The nerd in me wants complexity. The nerd in me wants to hack. The nerd in me wants to fix things and make them better. The nerd in me wants to experiment with my device, flash ROMs, swap launchers and tweak the infinitely customizable home screens. And that is where my Android device fits into my life. The iPhone is not that and never will be all those things. Yes, I can jailbreak. But inevitably, the jailbreak always leads me yearning for what my iPhone is in it's purest state and that is a true mobile computing utopia. 

Life with 2 devices has been nice. Each device has it's place in my life. I have learned to let the iPhone be the iPhone and then turn around and embrace Android for what it is as well. Yes, there may be a war between Apple and Google. But for me in my life? Apple and Google get along just fine.