iOSDocked - EP032 - Slap a Magnet On It

Game Center Showdown 

The last Game Center showdown featured the game: Spelltower (Tower Mode)

Last week’s rankings among the crew:  

1st: Clay Russell: 1475

2nd: Jerry Goldbaum: 1442

3rd: Donny Benfield: 901

Honorable Listener Mention: Keith Hollingsworth: 1838

This week’s showdown features this game: featured by Donny Benfield:

Boost 2


Top Stories

  1. Reports show iPad Mini not cannibalizing other products in lineup

  2. iPhone 5 jailbreak coming soon

  3. Samsung Does Not Intend to Negotiate With Apple Like HTC

  4. Steve Jobs movie will be centered around launches of Mac, NeXT, and iPod


The Rumor Roundup (iDream Segment)

  1. Microsoft Office Suite coming in 2013 to iOS?

  2. Apple rumored to be investing in Sharp

  3. Apple rumored to name their next OS 10.9 Updgrade “Lynx” and offer Siri & Maps functionality


Hails, Stales and Fails (Rapid-fire Segment)

  1. 6.1 beta 2 gives Passbook a new instructions card

  2. Apple Store app updated with Siri Search and Passbook Ready Gift Cards

  3. Siri serves up Fandango ticket purchases in upcoming 6.1 release

  4. Finally, ACDC’s massive library available in iTunes

  5. Apple offering selected employees two week breaks to work on special projects in hopes of future contributions to the company.

  6. Apple airs new iPad Mini commercials “books” and “photos”


Random Tech Story

  1. RIM to unveil BB10 on January 30th, 2013. Do they have any chance to succeed?


Sizing up the Competition

  1. Final Notes on the Galaxy Note 2 (I Promise)

  2. HTC Windows phone 8X

  3. Nintendo 3DS



Joe: iLike Magskin

Clay: iLike 2Do: Task Management for all your devices

Jerry: iLike ProCamera