iOSDocked - EP012 - Jordan in a Miniskirt

This Week’s Top Stories

This Week’s Apple Hails, Stales, and Fails

  • Apple pays out an extra 10% to developers making use of iAds.
  • Aston Kutcher plays Steve Jobs in upcoming indy film.
  • Apple now rejecting apps that collect UDID without permission.
  • Apple execs sell off half a million shares for around $314 million.
  • Australians with New iPads offered full refund by Apple after misrepresenting the iPads as 4G capable to customers.
  • Apple sets the record straight on the iPad overcharging issue and explains how the charging really works.
  • Wi-Fi version of the New iPad cleared for sale in China.
  • Apple offers handset makers a royalty free license Nano-SIM

The Rumor Roundup

Sizing up the Competition

  • Clay has some final thoughts on the Note

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