iOSDocked - EP001 - Revolution

This Week’s Top Stories

The Dev Seg

This Week’s Apple Hails, Stales, and Fails

  • iTunes TV shows in the cloud available internationally
  • iTunes Match goes international
  • Apple software update 4.4 available
  • 5.1 beta shows option to delete photos from Photostream
  • Apple announces latest App Store stats: 500,000 apps and 18 billion downloads
  • Apple hires more engineers to expand on Siri services
  • iBooks updated with nighttime view and fullscreen mode
  • Apple releases iPad 2 commercial “We Believe”
  • Apple launches new iTunes Match information page
  • Apple fixes App Store download issue for iPhone and iPod touch users on iOS 3.1.3
  • Apple releases Santa Siri commercial
  • Apple brings A5 chip production to Texas

The Rumor Roundup

Sizing up the Competition

Product Review

Roundtable Question

  • What do you think was Apples biggest mistake with the iPhone?















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