iOSDocked - EP103 - WWDC Recap

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 103

Date: 06/15/16

Hosts: Jerry Goldbaum, Danny Tammaro & Clay Russell



WWDC Recap


watchOS 3.0

  • Favorite apps kept in memory, Background updates, Instant launch (about 7x faster)

  • Contact Button now a Dock for fav apps

  • Glances are now interactive

  • Control center (Swipe up from the bottom)

  • More reply options

  • Scribble - spell out your message, recognizes character input

  • New watch faces - Minnie Mouse, Activity, Numerals

  • Easier to switch watch faces, can now swipe to change the face

  • Find my friends now on the watch

  • New SOS feature - press and hold side button and you will be connected to emergency services, based on location

  • New fitness app - Breathe - Helps quiet the mind and relax the body

  • Activity Sharing, compare your stats to family and friends.  Can communicate with contacts from the activity app


  • Wheelchair users - Time to "roll", dedicate workouts for wheelchair users

  • Apple Pay in apps

  • Fitness apps can run in background

  • Dev preview available now, public release in the fall



  • 1300 video channels, 6000 apps

  • New apps coming this year - Sling, Fox sports go, Molitov, NBK2K, Sketch party

  • New remote app for iPhone, all features of Siri Remote in your phone

  • Siri - search movies by topics, search youtube, live channels

  • Single sign on - log into all services once

  • Dark Mode

  • Replay kit, photo kit, home kit, 4 game controller support


How to Reach Us:

Where you can reach the iOSDocked crew



  • Rebranded to macOS

  • Auto unlock - works with your devices, senses you are close to your machine

  • Universal clipboard - everything you copy on iPhone/iPad shows on your Mac

  • iCloud Drive - docs and desktop accessible anywhere

  • Optimized storage - clear unwanted files, move files to the cloud

  • Apple Pay on the web - uses Touch ID on your phone, coming to more countries soon

  • Tabs for other apps, first and third party

  • PIP

  • Siri - Same Siri from iPhone, can search for files, can narrow down results, pin results in Notification Center, drag results from Siri into documents


iOS 10

  • Redesigned lockscreen - Raise to wake - see what's on your lock screen without touching a button

  • Rich notifications - interactive from the lock screen

  • Quick integration with apps

  • Expanded 3D Touch

  • 3D Touch to clear all notifications

  • Control center redesigned - 2nd page for music controls

  • Slide from right to access camera

  • Slide from left for widgets

  • Siri - open to devs

  • Quicktype - more contextual responses, ability to send location, contacts, Intelligent scheduling

  • Places coming to photos

  • Advanced computer vision - facial recognition, object & scene recognition

  • Memories - photos grouped by people, places, dates, topics pulled into albums and videos

  • Maps - more proactive, updated navigation, open to devs

  • Apple Music - simple and clear, library is the first tab, lyrics updated for you section

  • News - 60 million users

  • New design, easy to follow sections, breaking news notifications

  • HomeKit - New App - Home - personalized wallpaper, all devices/accessories, scenes, available in control center

  • Phone - Voicemail transcriptions, 3rd party spam detection, better voip call experience

  • Messages - rich links, better camera integration, larger predictable emoji, bubble effects, invisible ink, handwritten messages quick tap responses, digital touch, full screen effects

  • Messages opened to devs, app draw - stickers, payments, more

  • Other new features - selective read receipts, faster camera launch, live photo stabilization and editing, faster FaceTime connectivity, bedtime alarm, faster attachment sending in iMessage, markup in messages, note collaboration, conversation view in mail, split view in safari for iPad

  • Privacy - End to end encryption in everything by default, on device intelligence, no user profiling

  • Dev preview now, public in July, release in Fall

  • Swift - 100,000 apps adopted the language

  • Swift Playgrounds - iPad app to learn coding - Will be free


iLikes/iDislikes (about the event- one of each)

  • Jerry: WatchOS redesign and speed increase for current hardware / Audio controls in Command center now have to swipe to access

  • Danny: Dark theme for tv only / watch update

  • Clay: The Keynote in general. Not a lot of goofy crap.


Prediction Contest

1st: Jerry

Tied: Clay/Danny

Listening Winner: Justin Klein


In Closing

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