iOSDocked - EP071 - Whirlwinds & Waterfalls

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 71

Date: 08/26/14

Hosts: Joseph Lombardo, Clay Russell Jerry Goldbaum & Danny Tammaro


Site News and Giveaways

The TEKSide store is now open and we are happy to announce we have a few products already available and more will be added at a later date. You can order an iOSDocked t-shirt right now and we have 4 different color options to choose from. We also have some high quality iOSDocked stickers available. Stick ‘em on your Mac, stick ‘em on your car or stick ‘em on a friend. And to sweeten things up a bit, order your t-shirt and we will throw a sticker in on us! Visit and go crazy.

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We thank Joe, Leslie, Terry, William, Bill, Rob, Ellyn & J. Doss for being the first to show their support.

Speaking of patrons, did you know that all patrons get a 20% discount off any order in the TEKSide store? You can save $4 on your iOSDocked T-Shirt by simply becoming a patron for $1 a month. Become a patron today and I will send you a coupon code to apply to any purchase.


Game Center Showdown

Last week’s showdown featured the game:

Super Crossfighter

Last week’s rankings among the crew:

  • 1st Place - Jerry     - 4,891,900

  • 2nd Place - Danny   - 3,409,650

  • 3rd Place -  Clay      -    214,750

  • 4th Place -  What happened to Prick??  Loser

Honorable Mentions:

  • George Williams Jr. - 103,700

There will be no GameCenter Showdown this week as our next show will be the predictions show.  You can still send you suggestions into us.  


App-etizers (High Profile App Releases & Updates) (brought to you by our El Presidente Patron J. Christopher Doss)


Top Stories (brought to you by our Patron King George Williams Jr.)


How to Reach Us:

Where you can reach the iOSDocked crew


The Rumor Roundup (iDream Segment)


Hails, Stales and Fails (Rapid-Fire Segment)


Product Reviews

  • Jerry’s Whirlwind Bluetooth Stereo Headset Tour. - Jaybird Bluebuds X, LG TonePro Ultra, Sony SBH50, Beats Powerbeats 2.




Listener Feedback

  • @rockerchick - @iOSDocked have you guys talked about how you met? It's been a while but love your crew!


Last weeks listener feedback question:

With all the rumors going around about iPhone 6 specs and just a few weeks left before Apple’s next event, we would like for you to describe your perfect iPhone 6.  We want all of the details possible.

  • @rockerchick - @iOSDocked it's a pointless dream. It would be as heavy as 4S have the battery life  of  a 2001 Nokia bar phone & 1 handed use.

  • @mario512 - @iOSDocked nothing bigger than a 5 inch screen, at least 3000 mah battery, with a free iwatch, last part is unlikely though.

  • Nick on Facebook- I just want it in my pocket


This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question

  • What is your most important 3rd party iPhone/iPad accessory?


In Closing

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