iOSDocked - EP063 - Indestructible Until You Drop It

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 63

Date: 05/05/14

Hosts: Joe Lombardo, Clay Russell, Donny Benfield and Danny Tammaro. J Baum is on a nice cruise this week, hope you are enjoying it Jerry!

Site News

We have officially announced our Patreon page. This gives our dedicated and loyal listeners an opportunity to support the podcast for as little as $1 a month. We are not advertising this on our site or on Twitter or anywhere else but the podcast and in our show notes. We know that those that listen on a regular basis will get this message and this message is directed to you. If you would like to support us, visit our support page at The iOSDocked crew thanks you for keeping us alive and well for 60+ episodes and we look forward to partnering with you for years to come.

We thank Joe, Leslie, Terry, William and Bill for being the first to show their support.

We also have new artwork for the show and would like to thank Sam Strickland for his help with it. We also want to thank the overwhelming positive feedback on the new look from both our listeners and friends on Twitter alike.

On to some news about future show dates. We are happy to tell you that we are back to our usual bi-weekly programming effective immediately. In 2 weeks, we will have our annual WWDC prediction show on June 19th followed by a WWDC recap episode on June 3rd. Then on to our standard format on June 16th.

Game Center Showdown

Last week’s showdown featured this game:

Star Wars Pinball 3

Last week’s rankings among the crew:

  • 1st: Jerry - 26,317

  • 2nd: Clay - 3,406

  • 3rd: Danny - 1,401

  • Last: Joe & Donny - 0

Honorable Mentions:

  • Bwfeldy - 1,023

This week’s showdown features:

Unpossible $1.99 - AppStore Description: Unpossible will test your skills, your reflexes, and even your memory. It will make you smile. It will probably make you scream. You will die often and it will always be your fault. Fight to learn the obstacles…they already know how to fight you. Relentless. Thrilling. Unpossible!  challenge will focus on the simplicity mode

App-etizers (High Profile App Releases & Updates)

  • Beats Music 2.0 - Free, now a native iPad app, and can follower twitter friends.

  • New Google Apps - Docs - Sheets - Slides (coming soon)  

  • Google Drive updated with 4 digit passcode lock.

  • 1Password gets iOS 7 make over.  Adds watchtower to help with the recent heartbleed vulnerability, multiple vault ability, background Dropbox sync.

  • Office for iPad gets AirPrint support Word Excel PowerPoint - apps are free but for full functionality requires a 365 subscription.

  • Microsoft OneNote for iPhone gets iOS 7 redesign. Create section tabs, notebooks. New Office Lens allows photo to be scanned and trimmed and added to notes.

  • Facebook Messenger gets ability to send video, better image sharing and a slight redesign.

  • Mailbox updated with “Auto-swipe”, Dropbox sync of preferences for multiple devices.

  • Viber Messaging gets iOS 7 redesign, ability to send multiple videos & images.

  • Flickr gets a complete overhaul. Looks more like an iOS 7 app, updated editing tools.  Looks like they are trying to make a big push at Instagram

  • Adobe Lightroom for iPad  

Top Stories (brought to you by our Patron George Williams Jr.)

How to Reach Us:

Where you can reach the iOSDocked crew

The Rumor Roundup (iDream Segment)

Hails, Stales and Fails (Rapid-Fire Segment)

Random Tech Story

Thoughts on Project Ara?  

  • Project Ara is a concept of a modular phone. You would be able to swap out old/broken parts of the phone for new/updated parts.


Listener Feedback


  • @Rockerchick tweets: What are your favorite shows to check into guys? @iOSDocked  are you using URL schemes in LCP with a schedule?

Last Week’s Listener Feedback Question

  • Why does HTC struggle to make it a smartphone market saturated with Apple and Samsung devices? What advice would you give if you had the ears of the company leadership?

    • @Franco tweets: Buy APPL (stock)

    • @Rockerchick tweets: Do you have any patents? Sell now and run!

    • @J_Doss tweets: @iOSDocked advertise, advertise, advertise

    • Nick on Facebook posts: sell to Apple!

This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question

If you were Jony Ive’s right-hand person, what would you stress as the number one design feature of the iPhone 6 other than screen size?

In Closing

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