iOSDocked - EP062 - Farting on Picks

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 62

Date: 04/07/14

Hosts: Joe Lombardo, Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum, Donny Benfield and Danny Tammaro

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Game Center Showdown

Last week’s showdown featured this game:

Smash Hit

Last week’s rankings among the crew:

  • 1st: Danny Tammaro with 14,823 points

  • 2nd: Jerry Goldbaum with 12,512 points

  • 3rd: Clay Russell with 10,623 points

  • 4th: Donny Benfield with 7,790 points

  • Last: Joseph Lombardo with 3,350 points

This week’s showdown features this game:

Star Wars Pinball 2: (The Darkside Contribution) $1.99 and Universal

App-etizers (High Profile App Releases & Updates)

Top Stories (brought to you by our Patron George Williams Jr.)

The Rumor Roundup (iDream Segment)

Hails, Stales and Fails (Rapid-Fire Segment)

Random Tech Story

  • Move aside wearables, TV is the category currently on Fire as Amazon and Android could be game changers. What’s the panel’s take?


Listener Feedback


  • @Rockerchick tweets: Thanks @iOSDocked love the thin barely there case. May get one for the iPhone 6.

  • @Rockerchick tweets: @iOSDocked please tell what @apollo4090 was high on during the podcast? #weiner

  • Voicemail from @ml4mx: Sums it up nice in voicemail: I really don't care because I don't use Microsoft anymore.

Last Week’s Listener Feedback Question

  • Nick posts: Nope, I like the Apple one. I have learned over the years that unless it’s the actual product all your getting is someone’s second crap hahaha

  • @BundesBarber tweets: @clayrussell @iOSDocked I would love to see Smart Keyboard Pro on iOS.

  • @m4lmx tweets: @clayrussell @iOSDocked yes! I would love to swype instead.

  • @MasterPlanV2 tweets: @clayrussell @iOSDocked choice is always a positive!  You can always choose not to move away from stock if they did open it up.

This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question

  • Why does HTC struggle to make it a smartphone market saturated with Apple and Samsung devices? What advice would you give if you had the ears of the company leadership?

In Closing

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