iOSDocked - EP075 - Joe vs. prəˌnənsēˈāSHən

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 75

Date: 10/06/14

Hosts: Joseph Lombardo, Jerry Goldbaum, Danny Tammaro & Sam Strickland



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The new “iWatch” (formerly iTouch) Giveaway:  Brought to you this week from the fine folks at Caudabe.  Be the first to tweet us at @iOSDocked with the time on the podcast that you first heard us say iWatch. 

2 Veil 4.7” cases 1 clear and 1 dark


Game Center Showdown

Last week’s showdown featured the game: Alone $1.99

Last week’s rankings among the crew:

1st: Jerry 6,454

2nd: Clay 5,437

3rd: Danny 3,446

Last: Joe 0


Honorable Mentions:


George Williams Jr. 2,458

This weeks game was chosen by @j_doss,  Fist of Fury (Free)


App-etizers (High Profile App Releases & Updates) (brought to you by our Patron J. Christopher Doss)



Top Stories (brought to you by our Patron George Williams Jr.)



How to Reach Us:

Where you can reach the iOSDocked crew

Joe - @apollo4090 on twitter or Google+ or email

Jerry - @JNGold on twitter, blogs on or email

Danny- @DMTammaro on Twitter or Danny Tammaro on Facebook

Sam - @samdakark on Twitter and everything else ever created


Hails, Stales and Fails (Rapid-Fire Segment)



Rumor RoundUp



Product Reviews



Jerry’s Case Corner - An open discussion of cases for your iPhone


(SPIGEN Neo Hybrid, SPIGEN Thin Fit, Apple Silicone Case, CM4 Card Case, Claudabe Veil)







Joe - Pebble Steel

Jerry - News360  - Your Personalized News Reader (free - Universal)

Danny - Juices + $29.00, follow them on twitter to get a discount code, Micro USB also available

Sam - Moto Hint


Listener Feedback


At the suggestion of @Sheketa, my official nickname is Clay+

At the suggestion of @clayrussell, Joe’s official nickname is “The Canadian Sensation”

and then we still have J-baum and Danny Boy


@WPT_Bill tweets: You guys need to consider a whole show of Joe doing his impression of Clay. Hilarious!

@Rockerchick  How long will it take before Clay buys The Galaxy Note edge? (Clay’s response: when it runs iOS and is made by Apple)

@fitzy_baps Do you guys think #Apple has made a mistake making the larger #iPhone6Plus There are a lot of ppl returning them for the 6?


Last Week’s Roundtable Question


How should Apple integrate Beats Music streaming into their ecosystem?

@Nate Gorby tweets: make it iTunesBeats - replacement for iTunes Radio and allow iTunes Match customers the svc with their purchase.

@clayrussell tweets: how about “Apple Beats”?

@hlprmnky tweets: I vote for Beats as a subscription version of Radio, discount w/Match sub. Keep Radio as-is for the 100%-free tier.



This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question



So you picked out your new iPhone 6. Any regrets on your decision? Size, color, capacity?


In Closing

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