iOSDocked - EP045 - WWDC Predictions & Stuff

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 45

Date: 06/03/13

Hosts: Joe Lombardo, Clay Russell, Jordan Patterson and Donny Benfield 

Site News and Giveaways

So this is our WWDC show, and to make things interesting, we are having our annual WWDC prediction contest where our listeners compete along with our panel in an effort to predict what announcements will be made by Apple throughout their developer keynote. Make sure you follow us on twitter for the link to the Google Docs form so that you can make your opinion count and have a shot at winning a few iOS accessories along with an iTunes gift card payable by the losing member of the panel. 

Game Center Showdown

Last week’s showdown featured this game: Zombie Highway

Last week’s rankings among the crew: 

1st: Jerry Goldbaum with 14.03 miles

2nd: Clay Russell with 4.03 miles

3rd: Donny Benfield with ??

Honorable Mentions: Danny Tammaro with 12.5 miles

This week’s showdown features this game: Impossible Road

Top Stories

 Listener Feedback


  • @chrisoldroyd tweets: best iOS podcast IMHO
  • @Techy4Christ tweets: Listening to a mighty fine @iOSDocked podcast right now. You should check it out too!
  • @jmhanna75 tweets: Just about pissed myself at the about the 53 min. mark. Absolutely hilarious.

This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question

  • What are the 3 things you most want to see at WWDC?

Jerry Goldbaum:

  1. UI refresh with improved usability.
  2. Enhanced Siri functionality of local device settings. (I.e. wifi, BT, etc)
  3. New method of file sharing between apps and devices. 

Joseph Lombardo:

  2. Steve Jobs Hologram 
  3. Johnny Ive with a “hair force one” wig

Jordan Patterson:

  1. Expanded Photostream/photo syncing with aperture
  2. Additional functionality on top of the new UI
  3. Expanded communication between applications

Donny Benfield:

  1. Redesigned UI
  2. iMessage added functionality 
  3. Enhanced Siri and Mobile pay        

Clay Russell:

  1. iWatch
  2. A UI worthy to be called Jony Ive’s iOS 
  3. An all new settings panel (with some mother friggin’ toggles)

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