iOSDocked - EP046 - Apparently Transparent (WWDC Recap)

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 46

Date: 06/11/13

Hosts: Joe Lombardo, Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum, Jordan Patterson and Donny Benfield 

WWDC Run Down

OS X Mavericks

  • Finder now has tabs (Think Safari)
  • Add tags to your documents
  • Improved multi display integration, each display is independent
  • iCloud Keychain - Safari stores your passwords & login info & syncs across your macs/iOS devices.  Can also generate your passwords (think 1password)
  • Actionable notifications: reply to email, iMessages
  • Auto App updates
  • Redesigned calendar - no more stitched leather!!!  
  • Maps App for Mac - send directions to your iphone
  • iBooks will be available - 1.8 million books available
  • Public release in the fall

Macbook Air

  • MacBook Air - updated with newest Intel Haswell Chips
  • Increased battery life - 11in gets up to 9 hrs 13 in up to 12 hrs
  • 11 in now priced @ 999, 13 in @ 1099
  • New Airport extreme & Time Capsule supporting 802.11 AC

Mac Pro

  • Sleek black cylinder shape with all of the ports in the back
  • ½ the height of the previous Pro
  • Double the performance of prev Pro
  • ThunderBolt 2
  • Dual GPU
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Available later this year


  • Now iWork in the cloud
  • Access Pages, Numbers Keynote in Safari, IE, Chrome on Mac or PC
  • Able to edit Office documents

iOS 7

  • iOS complete re-design
  • All stock apps are re designed - no more felt and no more stitched leather
  • New lockscreen
  • Wallpaper is responsive to movement of the iPhone
  • Live weather inside of the weather app
  • Swipe between cities
  • Pinch to view all cities
  • Calendar looks a lot like fantastical
  • New colors for iMessage bubbles
  • New keyboard
  • Folders now have multiple pages inside of them
  • Game Center is totally re-vamped
  • With mail & messages you can swipe from the left to return to main tab
  • Delete in mail is akin to Mailbox app
  • Notification Center - Today will show events, weather & stocks. 
  • Now available in the lock screen
  • Control Center - Quick settings for wifi bluetooth do not disturb, brightness, ipod
  • Notification and Control Center Available on the lock screen
  • New App switcher.  view cards of the apps that are open, sipe to close them
  • Multitasking is smarter.  Learns from user interaction what apps you use the most and regulates when to check for updates
  • Safari - new tabs, full screen browsing, parental controls, iCloud Keychain, new reader
  • Air Drop - share files with anyone around you, no need to touch or bump phones (dig at Android during the video.)  Will be system wide for apps that support it
  • New camera app, swipe between camera modes
  • Filters
  • in Photos New layout, sharing, organization
  • Moments - groups photos/videos based on date time and location
  • Collection - groups library based on location
  • Sharing - can now add photos to photo streams shared with you.
  • Videos can now be shared to photo streams
  • New Siri UI
  • New voices

iOS in the Car

  • iOS apps available on your cars display

App Store

  • New categories - age range for children
  • Apps near me
  • Auto app updates

iTunes Radio

  • Streaming radio stations 
  • Built into the Music App
  • Free for everyone - ad supports
  • No Ads for iTunes Match users
  • Create you own stations, buy songs, share songs
  • Will work on all iOS devices running iOS 7, Macs & PC’s - built into iTunes

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