iOSDocked - EP044 - Messaging Mayhem

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 44

Date: 05/20/13

Hosts: Joe Lombardo, Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum, and Donny Benfield 

Site News and Giveaways

Don’t forget that we have a big giveaway lined up for episode 45 which will be our show just before WWDC. Make sure you are subscribed to the show and follow us on Twitter for a chance to compete in our annual WWDC prediction contest. 

Game Center Showdown

Last week’s showdown featured this game: Falldown! 2

Last week’s rankings among the crew: 

1st: Jerry Goldbaum with 405 pts.

2nd: Donny Benfield with 303 pts. 

3rd: Jordan Patterson with 290 pts. 

4th: Joseph Lombardo with 195 pts.

5th: Clay Russell with 174 pts. 

This week’s showdown features this game: Zombie Highway

Top Stories

The Rumor Roundup (iDream Segment)

Hails, Stales and Fails (Rapid-fire Segment)


 Listener Feedback


  • @WPT_Bill tweets: Great show this week. Jailbreaks, like Lays… you can’t eat just one and the “unstable city”.“Preshit on my pick”… hilarious!
  • @dmtammaro tweets: much better audio this week from joe. Must be hard communicating from Canada.
  • @jmhanna75 tweets: No issues with audio. Y’all sounded good to me. The show is getting more and more pro every time I listen. 


  • Samuel Strickland: Based off what we saw at Google I/O, do you believe that Google’s vision of the future for Android is similar to that of Apple’s for iOS? And if so, how will Apple stay ahead of Google in that regard?


  • Thanks goes out to jmhanna75 and dmtammaro for the 5-star reviews it iTunes

Does Apple need to be more flat or functional in iOS 7.0? Or leave it to apps?

  • @HobieHenning tweets: a balance of both, like the latest podcast app.
  • @jjb70 tweets: Function is ALWAYS number one for me. ;)

This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question

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