iOSDocked - EP042 - Let's Refresh!

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 42

Date: 04/15/13

Hosts: Joe Lombardo, Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum, Jordan Patterson and Donny Benfield 

Site News and Giveaways

I understand that some our listeners ran into some problems with the Episode 41 download. Not sure what that was about but I assure you it was nothing on our end. 

Game Center Showdown

Last week’s showdown featured this game: Dangerboat

Last week’s rankings among the crew: 

1st: Jerry Goldbaum with 65,292 points

2nd: Jordan Patterson with 17,034 points

3rd: Clay Russell with with 7,212 points

Honorable Mentions: Samuel Strickland with 36,135 and Joe Hanna with 29,432 points

This week’s showdown features this game: Sonic Dash

Top Stories

The Rumor Roundup (iDream Segment)

Random Tech Story


 Listener Feedback


  • @IrunMunk tweets: once again y'all provide excellent feedback #badassmofos #iOS

Last Week’s Listener Feedback Question

What is the most important feature you most want to see on a wearable computing device from Apple?

  • @SamDakArk tweets: It'd be awesome to use an iWatch as a iTunes/Apple TV remote. Similar (but hopefully faster) to the Remote app, obvious stuff is the most important though. Notifications, Siri, ect.

This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question

Are Apps dead?  Does Apple have to go “social” with the next version of iOS?

In Closing

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