iOSDocked - EP054 - Lickamade

iOSDocked Show Notes

Episode #: 54

Date: 09/30/13

Hosts: Joe Lombardo, Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum and Donny Benfield 

Site News and Giveaways

We apologize to our listeners for the delay in getting another show out there but we wanted to give our hosts hands on time with their new iPhone 5S. 

The Game Center Showdown format will be changed. Beginning this episode, we will briefly discuss what games we have been playing over the last couple of weeks. If there is one that looks interesting enough to nominate by everyone on the show, we will declare it the Game Center Showdown pick. Otherwise, we hold off until a game comes along worthy of being declared a pick. 

The iOSDocked team wants our listeners help in designing new podcast artwork with an iOS 7 aesthetic. Have an idea? If we like it, we may use it. Make sure all artwork submissions are 1400x1400 pixels. Submit your artwork and ideas to

Top Stories

Hails, Stales and Fails (Rapid-fire Segment)


Listener Feedback:

  • @rockerchick tweets: question if my iTunes account is on my kid's iPhone 5s whose finger print authorizes my account for purchases?
  • @Rayrails tweets: I love the Touch ID and wonder has anyone had a problem with it and comments on using it.

This Week’s Roundtable/Listener Feedback Question

  • What is your favorite iOS app to get an iOS 7 makeover?

In Closing

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