GTDJedi Podcast - EP052 - The Task Management Process

GTDJedi Show Notes

Episode #: 52

Date: 07/02

Hosts: Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum & Timothy Broder

Jedi Tricks from Around the Web

The Big Discussion 

  • Our Process for Managing Tasks

    • Do you use a particular system?

    • The capture process

    • Organization

    • What’s an event?, what’s a task?, what’s a project?, what’s a list item?

      • Where do these go? What apps are you using to organize such items?

    • Do you outline your day?

    • Do you have a review process?

    • Best tools for collaboration?

    • Templates?

    • Will Reminders in iOS 13 enough for your task management needs?

    • Other thoughts?

Jedi Weapons of Choice 

Bantha Fodder (apps deleted from our devices)

Counsel from the Council (listener feedback & follow up segment)

  • Tim has answers: 

    • finding & Opening files or folders directly faster than the built in tools

    • controlling almost every system setting (blue tooth, audio devices, mouse scroll, DND) (some of these are workflows)

    • workflows! Send tweet, interact with Spotify or to do list app, lots of programming ones if you want I can list those,  blogging,  check weather, kill apps, get IP

    • text expanding built in

    • launch apps or groups of apps at once

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  6. Closing

    • We thank you all for listening and remember, with a little training, anyone can be on their way to becoming a GTDJedi. Goodbye!