GTDJedi Podcast - EP040 - WWDC Recap

iOSDocked & GTDJedi Show Notes

iOSDocked Episode #: 130 & GTDJedi Episode #: 40

Date: 06/05/18

Hosts: Jerry Goldbaum, Timothy Broder & Clay Russell


WWDC 2018 Keynote Recap

  • Over 2 hours long



  • Opening Video: “Welcome Home Developers”

  • Over 20 Million Apple Developers from 77 countries

  • The App Store turns 10 next month (gets over 500 million weekly visitors)

  • Developers have earned over $100,000,000,000. (100 Billion)

  • The customer is at the center of everything Apple does.



  • Half of customers updated to iOS 11 in just 7 weeks.

  • 81% of over a billion users are running the latest release. (Jab at Android with only 6%)

  • OSAT for iOS 11 is at 95%


iOS 12

  • All devices supporting iOS 11 will be upgradable to iOS 12.

  • iOS 12 is faster & more responsive)

  • CPU Performance ramps up intuitively as needed.

  • New file format USDZ for augmented reality. (“Quicklook for AR”)

  • New App: Measure: object dimensions using AR


AR Kit 2:

  • Shared experiences

  • Lego Demo



  • Search suggestions

  • Search refinements

  • New Tab: For You with effect suggestions, sharing suggestions with reciprocal sharing, feature photos



  • 10 billion requests per month

  • Shortcuts: quick actions for Siri (“I lost my keys” - Tile Demo)

  • Siri Suggestions

  • Gallery of shortcuts (in familiar Workflows like interface)

  • Awesome demo of shortcuts in action. (This is fire!!)


App Updates

  • News - Browse, shortcuts to favorites & sidebar for navigation

  • Stocks - spark lines showing performances and news headlines from Apple News, app is coming to iPad (dual pane stock tickers and news headlines)

  • Voice Memos - app is coming to iPad, iCloud support with sync

  • iBooks - now Apple Books with fresh new look, Reading Now (pick up where you left off), new store with better browsing experience

  • CarPlay - now supports 3rd party navigation apps


Focus & Distraction Assistance

  • Do Not Disturb - DND during bedtime, morning tap to start seeing notifications, new DND options with auto end options based off time or location

  • Notifications - Instant Tuning, grouped notifications by app, thread or topic with group triage capabilities

  • Screen Time - Weekly Activity Summary with app usage, pickups and notification metrics, app limits with time constraints with gentle reminders to end app sessions, parents can see the data as well and set up allowances with downtime and app limits by category, content and enhanced privacy settings as well



  • Messages - Animoji with tongue detection, new Animoji (ghost, koala, tiger and T-Rex), Memoji - personalized Animoji, fun camera effects & filters with use of Memoji

  • FaceTime - Group FaceTime (up to 32 simultaneous recipients), go from a group iMessage to a Group FaceTime call, tiles resize depending on who is dominating the conversation, or double tap to increase size, Group FaceTime has access to all new Memoji and new camera effects



  • Apple Watch is #1 in customer Satisfaction

  • Adoption grew 60% last year


watchOS 5

  • Challenge friends to a 7 day activity competition with progress updates between competitors, new awards available

  • New Yoga & Hiking workouts

  • Pace Alerts and Cadence (steps per minute for runners)

  • Automatic workout detection with retroactive credit for workouts, and end workout suggestion reminders

  • New App: Walkie Talkie - new communication standard working over cellular or WiFi (focused on short burst conversations)

  • Siri Watch Face: gets Sports, Maps, Heart Rate, Siri Shortcuts, and 3rd party app integrations

  • Raise to speak, no “Hey Siri” needed

  • Interactive notifications

  • Web content - web content viewable on watch, uses Reader mode when appropriate

  • Podcasts - coming to Apple Watch

  • Great demo of new features in watchOS 5

  • Student ID cards in Wallet on iPhone & Apple Watch (limited universities)

  • Pride month celebrated with new Apple Watch band and Apple Watch Face



  • 50% year over year growth

  • iTunes offers largest library of 4K movies

  • Dolby Atmos coming to Apple TV, moving sound in 3D space, free updates to iTunes movie library with Dolby Atmos titles (similar to recent 4K library update)

  • Zero sign-on for services and apps that are available on your broadband connection

  • Aerials (tap remote to see details of location), swipe between locations, new Earth Aerial (gorgeous)




macOS Mojave

  • Dark Mode - full system theming

  • Dynamic Desktop - theme changes by time of day

  • Desktop Stacks - clean up desktop items by document type

  • Finder - gallery view, (full meta data available in info pane), with smart action shortcuts

  • Quicklook - enhancements with markup and commonly used tools

  • Screenshots - with screen shot video recording

  • Continuity Camera - shortcut to viewfinder of phone for easy photo import, works with document scanner


App Updates

  • Apple News coming to the Mac with new features mentioned previously in event

  • Stocks app coming to the Mac with new features mentioned previously in event

  • Voice Memos coming to the Mac with new features mentioned previously in event

  • Home app coming to the Mac, command your home with Siri from Mac


Security & Privacy

  • Privacy protection from all apps

  • Web Tracking protection enhancements

  • Fingerprinting - simplified system configuration, difficult for data companies to distinguish your from other users

  • These features will also be available on iOS 12


Mac App Store

  • Redesigned Mac App Store with categories to help you find the best tools for your needs

  • New Ratings & Review window for easy reviews on Mac

  • Microsoft 365 coming to Mac & many more great names coming to the Mac App Store



  • 1 billion Metal-enable devices

  • Machine Learning - Create ML

  • Core ML 2 - 30% faster, reduce model size by 75%

  • Are you merging iOS and macOS? No.


Sneak Peek

  • iOS like apps on Mac, Phase 1 Underway: Native Apple apps used, coming to developers in 2019


Other Features

    iOS App Store “Free Trials”

          Siri Password Api and integration with 3rd party password managers



  • Developer Video


iOSDocked Prediction Contest Results



  • Clay: Siri Shorcuts, Walkie Talkie, Dark Mode on macOS

  • Jerry - WatchOS 5, Siri Shortcuts  

  • Danny:  dislike - no dark mode for iPhone iLike - photos update, AR updates

  • Tim: iLike - Shortcuts hopefully having access to bluetooth, Dark mode iDislike - walkie talkie, pushing kids to play with AR instead of real toys, siri raise to speak on the watch


Bantha Fodder

What could you have done without?

  • Clay: AR Demos (not that into it), Pride band & watch face

  • Jerry: MeMoji

  • Tim: Leaning heavily on what they announced last year to pad time & the Adobe CTO


In Closing

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