GTDJedi Podcast - EP037 - Talking Drafts with Jedi Master Greg Pierce

GTDJedi Show Notes


Episode #: 37

Date: 03/20/18

Hosts: Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum, Timothy Broder & Special Guest Greg Pierce of @agiletortoise


Tim: An ancient Force-wielder whose philosophy predates the Jedi Order


Jedi Tricks from Around the Web

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Feedback & Follow Up

  • @GTDJedi I totally enjoyed episode 36 today. Especially glad to know that Clay is not a woman! His Bantha Fodder was seriously a lol moment. Thanks Jacquie

  • @lavan1234: @TEKSide @JNGold @GTDJedi Looking forward to it. Would like to know how Jerry organizes Apple notes. Evernote tags and notebooks make sense to me but Looking for an Apple note alternative.

  • @BradAWhite: @GTDJedi  New listener and really enjoying the Jedi app battles. I am a omnifocus user and was just wondering what your thoughts are on Email Clients that work well with creating tasks from Emails


The Dev Seg


Bantha Fodder (apps deleted from our devices)


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