GTDJedi Podcast - EP032 -Mixed Emotions on iOS 11

GTDJedi Show Notes

Episode #: 32

Date: 09/26/17

Hosts: Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum & Timothy Broder


Feedback & Follow Up

  • Autosleep: The final verdict?

  • What scale does Clay have? Is it accurate for body fat %?


The Big Discussion

  • How iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra can make us more productive

    • Our take on the latest builds.

    • Favorite new iOS features

    • Favorite app updates that take advantage of the new APIs?

    • What software changes we don’t like?

    • Where do we go from here?


Jedi Weapons of Choice (apps or features)

  • Clay - new device setup method, drag & drop

  • Jerry - iOS miscellaneous- new Screen shots, screen recording, Notes PDF capture..

  • Tim - Siri for todos -> Omnifocus


Bantha Fodder (apps deleted from our devices)


Counsel from the Council (listener feedback segment)

  • @lavan1234: @GTDJedi Great EP guys! Jerry's @NotabilityApp description is intriguing.   $$$ to test it out is pricey!  May wait for a sale b4 biting the bullet.

  • @ifthefaceFitz: @JNGold @GTDJedi @clayrussell I suffer with insomnia, I use the info to see what I've done different when I have a goo night sleep, going to bed earlier doesn't help!


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  6. Closing

    • We thank you all for listening and remember, with a little training, anyone can be on their way to becoming a GTDJedi. Goodbye!