GTDJedi Podcast - EP029 - Let's Talk Sherlock

GTDJedi Show Notes

Episode #: 29

Date: 06/15/17

Hosts: Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum & Timothy Broder


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Feedback & Follow Up

  • I polled our Twitter followers to find out what their go-to apps were to get a sense of who wins in particular app categories (native or 3rd party). Here are the results.

    • Email: Native

    • Notes: Native with Bear Notes a close 2nd (Bear is an Apple Design Award winner)

    • Tasks: Native Reminders & Things go neck & neck (Things is an Apple Design Award Winner)

    • Calendar: Fantastical gets edge on Native

    • Read Later Service: 3 way split, native Reading List, Instapaper, Pocket

    • Twitter Client: Tweetbot dominant

    • Podcast Client: Pocket Casts

    • Weather: Carrot

  • Airmail 3 from Episode 28, won an ADA


The Big Discussion

  • With WWDC behind us, the GTDJedi Council examines which categories of 3rd party apps may have been “sherlocked”.


Bantha Fodder (apps deleted from our devices)


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  6. Closing

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