GTDJedi Podcast - EP025 - Counsel from the Council Volume 1

GTDJedi Show Notes

Episode #: 25

Date: 01/31/17

Hosts: Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum & Timothy Broder


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Counsel from the Council (Common Questions)

  1. How do you update the software on your devices?

  2. How do you keep the screen display active longer?

  3. How can my phone wake me up for a phone emergency call but not make noise all night?

  4. How can I wear my apple watch to sleep but keep it charged?

  5. Can I still track my iPhone using Find My iPhone if the phone doesn’t have a SIM card?

  6. Do apps running in the background eat battery life? Should I swipe to close my apps?


Grand Master Jedi Discussion (Panel Questions for Panel Members)

  1. What is the one thing you hope to see in the 10th anniversary iPhone that will enhance your productivity?

  2. If you didn’t have smart phones, what analog system would you use?


Bantha Fodder (apps deleted from our devices)


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