GTDJedi Podcast - EP022 - Where, When & How We Use Our Devices

GTDJedi Show Notes

Episode #: 22

Date: 11/09/16

Hosts: Clay Russell, Jerry Goldbaum & Timothy Broder


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Feedback & Follow Up

  • I have reinstalled Airmail, Omnifocus & Drafts. But why?


The Big Discussion

  • Device Setups

    • App layout (home screens and dock)

    • Where, when and how we use our Apple Devices

      • Desktop

      • Laptop

      • Tablet

      • Phone


Jedi Weapons of Choice

  • Clay - Macbook 12”, iPad Pro 9.7”, iPhone 7 Plus

  • Jerry - iMac (21.5 or 27”), iPad Air 2 9.7, iPhone 7

  • Tim - rMBP 15”, iPhone 7+, iPad mini 2


Bantha Fodder (apps deleted from our devices)

  • Clay - Nothing :)

  • Jerry - Apple Podcasts?

  • Tim - Nothing


Counsel from the Council (listener feedback segment)

  • I just started listening to GTD Jedi and I feel sure that you will know the answer to what I've been searching for and if not it probably hasn't been created yet. I have an iPad and an iPhone. I'd like my apps to be organized the same on both devices. For example, I have an entertainment folder for Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, etc. I'd like those two folders to sync and have the same apps on both devices. It's such a drag to have to manually organize them both. It would be so much more productive if they would sync so you just had to organize one device. I've searched a few times over the years to find something that would do this and either I just don't know how to search the right terminology to find what I need or it does not exist. I hope this question makes sense and I really hope what I am looking for is available. If it's not, it would make a great app if someone were so inclined to create it IMHO. Thank you in advance for answering my question. May the force be with you. Lauree


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  6. Closing

    • We thank you all for listening and remember, with a little training, anyone can be on their way to becoming a GTDJedi. Goodbye!