GTDJedi Podcast - EP003 - Centered on Notification Center

GTDJedi Show Notes

Episode #: 3

Date: 05/19/15

Hosts: Sam Strickland, Clay Russell & Jerry Goldbaum


Jedi Tricks from Around the Web (check out our website for links to all these GTDJedi Tricks)

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Last Week Follow Up:

  • Regarding Episode 2 on Photo Management: Clay has figured out his “Faces” dilemma

  • Sam built a workflow to display metadata on photos


The Big Discussion

  • Making Sense of Notification Center


Jedi Weapons of Choice (our top 3 widgets)


Counsel from the Council (listener feedback segment)

  • @Rockerchick - “Don’t laugh but I alphabetize my home screens.”


How to Reach Us

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In Closing

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