BoomExplode Podcast - EP013 - Top Tier Discussion

Boom Explode Show Notes

Episode #: 13

Date: 10/11/17

Hosts: Geoff Farinha, Jake Farinha, Mike Bisson, Evan Shaffer


Game Plays (What we’re playing)

Geoff - CSGO, The Division, Final Exam, Sonic Mania, Insurgency, Modern Combat 5 (Android), Dark Sword (Android),

Mike -  CSGO, The Division, PUBG

Jake - The Division, The Division, some more Division, Golf Story, Rainbow 6 Siege

Evan - Horizon: Zero Dawn, Everybody's Golf, Fortnite, Fire Pro Wrestling World, Halo, Halo 2


Game Breaks (New Releases? Hardware & Software)


Game With Us (Where You Can Find Us)

Twitter: @JakeFarinha, Xbox: Rinzloor, Steam: Rinzloor, UPlay: Rinzloor, Origin: Rinzloor

Mike - Steam: StarLord, Twitter : @mbisson13

Evan - Steam / Xbox / Twitter: TopTierBeard PSN: DarknessT1T4N


In Closing

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