TEKSide Mix-February 2017

Just as I started putting together this post, I realized this month's playlist has a very obvious theme. Not at all planned, but I think it's what was strategically pushed/suggested via television, radio, iTunes etc...

February is the first month where a lot of the songs were heard randomly and I made actual notes to search for them and even recorded snippets. The first was in a performance by Alessia Cara, 'River of Tears', in Saturday Night LiveI knew there was that one song of hers on the radio but didn't really care for it. As I listened to the last half of her second performance, I knew I needed to replay that a couple of times! It's the total opposite of what gets pushed this month and I loved it even more for that.  Emo songs is where the feels are at! 

I'll be the first to admit that I'm quite stubborn about my music choices. I hardly listen outside the box, I like what I like and that's that! Few songs have surprised me and I've explored more within those genre but always return to my comfort spot. In 2015, I previewed the songs on the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' soundtrack and was surprised at how great it was! I pre-ordered immediately and pretended the movie didn't exist. This month, the sequel to the movie and soundtrack were released. Once more I previewed, loved and pre-ordered. So much I actually include two of the songs in this playlist. This months cover is'The Scientist' by Corinne Bailey Rae. I have a couple of her other albums so when I saw her name on the list, I knew it'd be great! 

I've mentioned before that Ed Sheehan can sing me his grocery list and I'd fall in love with it. This is no grocery list but he has an album releasing later this year and a few of the songs have been released. Of course, I included my favorite (so far).

I hope your ears enjoy. 

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iOSDocked - EP113 - One Happy iPad Pro Using Family - iLike The OA on Netflix

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This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was The OA on Netflix.

This is one hell of a ride packed into an intense 8 episode event making it the perfect weekend binge. It's been a while since being engrossed in a TV show to this level. The cast is superb, the story leaves the viewer coming to their own conclusions and possibly more questions than answers but maybe that's what Season 2 is for :)

TEKSide Mix-January 2017

January, my music listening took place in Spotify and Apple Music. I thought it'd be a good idea to try (again!) Apple Music. I'm still not convinced of it knowing me well enough and I was lost the entire time. I still have time left on my month but I have long ago canceled it. I really need to stop reading so many reviews that end up confusing me about my choice. Spotify, my apologies for my wandering ear. 

The one thing I'm always sure of is my favorite artists. Meaning, I'll always pre-order their albums as soon as I see them available. This was the case with a couple of songs in this Playlist. The XX (an indie pop group from the UK) released I See You at the beginning of the year. They have yet to disappoint and the real challenge was including only one song (I did though).

Father John Misty and The Paper Kites are ones that have been in past playlists and have come back for seconds.

Now, there's one EP that surprised me by how much I loved it. I really don't like John Mayer, as a person. This goes back to what I gathered of him from that one time period where he was on every gossip site. The man is very talented and it's a shame to see such talent reduced to gossip weeklies. I have a couple of his albums, and it was suggested for me by iTunes. Previewed the 4 song EP and I immediately purchased. It's my most listened to album, thus far. It's a great blend of sounds, there's depth and each song can stand on it's own. He's releasing four songs each month and this sucker cannot wait! 

I hope your ears enjoy. 

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TEKTOK Podcast - EP036 - Somewhat Political - Sweet TEK Pick - Today (Habit Tracker)

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This week my “Sweet TEK” (pick of the week) was Today - Habit Tracker.

2017 is upon us. Like I do every year, I made list of areas that could use improvement in my life in regard to work, home, intellect, spirituality, physical and mental wellness. I wanted something more than a calendar and a checkmark to track my progress. Enter Today, the ultimate tool for handling all your tracking, logging and journaling needs in the quest for a better you. The strengths of the app lie in it's customizations. See the screenshot gallery for details. This app is now a mainstay on my home screen as I use it multiple times a day. It's rewarding, fun to use, well designed and easy to use and get started. Check it out. There is a better you out there. Go build it. 

iOSDocked - EP112 - The AirPodCast - iLike the Logitech CREATE iPad Pro Keyboard Case

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This week my “iLike" (pick of the week) was The Logitech CREATE iPad Pro Keyboard Case) for iOS.

Apple's take on this wasn't bad, but it wasn't complete. Enter Logitech, no stranger to the accessory market by any means. They have been perfecting their craft for some time. This product is the most complete representation of that. The casing is minimal while offering a full and functional backlit keyboard that is easy to use. There is an Apple Pencil holder. Bust most importantly, it offers a solid connection that requires no charge thanks to the Smart Connector on the iPad Pro. The connection is way more reliable than what the Smart Keyboard provided. I am also fond of it's minimal style. The textured surface seems like a good choice for protecting the exterior of the iPad. Final take? If you have made the commitment to purchasing an iPad Pro, I would consider this accessory to accompany it, The price is right at $129 considering it's offerings and I firmly believe it will make your iPad Pro experience an even better experience than it already is. 

TEKSide Mix-Favorites 2016

According to Spotify these are the songs I tortured my neighbors with. Over and over again. 

Well, there were a couple more but these were my absolute favorite finds of 2016. Except for three, they were all recommendations from the Spotify bots. Pretty cool to see how my moods shifted and the specific themes I failed to catch. There's a couple of soft, gloomy (read: emo) songs but on shuffle, you may end up with an electronic mix. I seemed to lean towards this combination. A lot.

Overall, I've enjoyed putting together these playlists for you readers. Looking forward to 2017 and all the wonderful music the bots have in queue for me/us. 

Hope you all enjoy.

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TEKTOK Podcast - EP035 - Christmas Toys, Automated Robotics & Other Private Matters - Sweet TEK Pick - Super Mario Run

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This week my “Sweet TEK” (pick of the week) was Super Mario Run on the App Store .

I have been having a blast with this one. I’m not a gamer but I love the addictive in and out casual style game play this one offers.  If you haven’t downloaded yet, (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t downloaded this one?), you should. The more you play, the more fun you are likely to have. Super Mario is back!!


TEKSide Mix-December 2016

December is pretty hectic. There's crowds everywhere, you always need one more thing, one more trip, one more late night etc... Moments that make you wonder why the mall parking lot is so small or why can't you fit three dozen cookies in your oven at once are moments that could desperately use some unwinding. Enter December's playlist.

No Christmas music here, although there is such a playlist in my Spotify. There are ten songs and all of them are slow, acoustic ones. Great to play in the background of any task or just to get your brain to stop doing the overthinking thing. 

Aquilo is a group that's making a second appearance around these parts. I discovered them earlier this year and they're releasing a new album March 2017. Of course, I pre-ordered on iTunes and added one of the released singles to this playlist. The cover of the month is Make You Feel My Love by Sleeping at Last. You're probably familiar with his work but not his name. He was featured in Budweiser's "Lost Dog" Super Bowl XLIX Commercial. That's actually where I heard of him the first time. After I dried my tears, I looked to Twitter for information on this heart wrenching song. He does it again with Make You Feel My Love. 

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I. 

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TEKTOK Podcast - EP034 - Forward Thinking - Sweet TEK Pick - The Apple TV

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This week my “Sweet TEK” (pick of the week) was the Apple TV.


This little box from Apple has been such a delight to use. The 4th Generation of the Apple TV is a steal at $149. I use it to play music through the house, control my home appliances and lights through HomeKit, play console quality games, watch my massive iTunes movie collection, binge watch all my favorite shows and so much more. The potential of this little box is still in it’s infancy stages. I may be one of the last people in the World to join the “cord cutter’s” club, but it won’t be due to the limitations of the Apple TV. Piece by piece, the Apple team is putting it all together and they are quietly changing the game. I see a future where not only will Apple own the mobile computing industry but will have the majority share of the living room as well.

Don’t have one? Find Santa at your local mall and make sure he has it on his list.


iOSDocked - EP110 - Bring on the Rumor Wave - iLike the TEKSide Mixer Playlists on the TEKSide Blog

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This week my “iLike” (pick of the week) was The TEKSide Mixers on the TEKSide Blog right here on TEKSide.

These are hand-picked and curated from one of my favorite humans beings. Her name is Bercelie Martinez aka @iBeesB on Twitter. You may know her as the Wednesday Wallpaper blogger on the network. She has great taste in music and her playlist picks are compilations of modern and melodically moody B-Sides that are as catchy as they are easy on the ears. I eagerly await each month’s release as it is my morning listening at the beginning of every day. Her lastest playlist title TEKSide Mix-November 2016 has a couple of holiday treats included. Be sure to check it out. Whether you are a Spotify user or an Apple Music fan, the playlist is made available to the public for users of both services.

So quit reading and start listening.

TEKSide Mix-November 2016

November's playlist is all over the place. I've included two covers because, once again, I couldnt decide. There's two Christmas songs, a couple of acoustic ones and something with a little more beat.

I stuck with iTunes this month and gave a listen to most songs in the 'New From Your Artists' section. It is where I saw a covers album from Jillian Edwards and a Christmas one by The Sweeplings. I gave both of them a couple of repeats and chose my favorites for this playlist. Spotify (finally) added a Spotify Sessions section which includes playlists from their Studio Sessions. In one of those, the covers playlist, I fell in love with James Bay covering Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You"... If you have Spotify, it's a great section to check out. 

I hope you all find something that makes you bop along! 

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TEKTOK Podcast - EP033 - Peaked - Sweet TEK Pick - Google Pixel Lightbar Stickers

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was the Google Pixel Lightbar Stickers available at BrisCrafts.com.

While I am not a Pixel owner, I'm proud to say that the owner of Bri's Crafts is none other than the daughter of one of our TEKSide family members Bill Stebbins.

These decals for Google's new premium smartphone have been getting lots of attention from the Android blogging elite. You can purchase a set for your Pixel for just $9 right here.

Learn more about this awesome product by watching this video.

TEKSide Mix-October 2016

October's playlist slows it down quite a bit. In comparison to our Summer playlists, that is. This is the month for scarves, pumpkins, and all the leaves falling off trees. I decided to go with an acoustics, very Fall inspired collection. Is as Fall as I can get in California. I'll still take it!

At the end of October a couple of my favorite artists released new content. Even though they're new, I had to include them. They've been on replay for days!  Now, Wet (an indie pop group) has been my most listened to in 2016. I will be seeing them live soon and they just released two tracks. Due to the upcoming show, they've been all I've listened to these last few weeks. I included one of their new songs and an older one from their first EP.

Samuel Beam AKA Iron & Wine delivers this months cover song. He covered 'Time After Time' by Cindi Lauper. Of course the original is amazing but this one doesn't disappoint or butcher it. 

The last week of October was the most enjoyable "Discover Weekly" of the month. Is where the a couple of the other songs came from. 

I hope you all enjoy this months selection. 

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TEKTOK Podcast - EP032 - Eager & Obsessive - Sweet TEK Pick - Veil XT for iPhone 7 Plus by Caudabe

TEKTOK Podcast - EP032 - Eager & Obsessive - Sweet TEK Pick - Veil XT for iPhone 7 Plus by Caudabe

This is everything you want in an attractive and minimal case. It fits so well that others could mistake it for actually being part of the phone itself. The black one is very sleek. It does a great job protecting the back of the phone from potential and accidental cosmetic damage. I picked the black one to “man up” my Rose Gold iPhone. The back is solid black with a few pops of rose gold coming through the cutouts in the case. The back is somewhat textured. This not only helps with grip but will also help hide fingerprints and minor scratches from everyday usage. The rear camera is somewhat protected as there is a lip around the camera cutout. The front side of device remains vulnerable. I would recommend a glass screen protector to compliment the protection the Veil XT offers.  

Read More

iOSDocked - EP108 - Jerry’s Cruisin’ & Clay is Losin’ - iLike my iPhone 7 Plus

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or Google Play.

This week my "iLike" (pick of the week) was the recently announced iPhone 7 Plus

My experiences with the 6 Plus and 6s Plus were not terrible but the devices seemed to be plagued with memory issues. I’m not seeing that with the 7 Plus. I am very pleased with this device and the latest version of iOS to accompany it. Throw in what can be considered the best if not one of the best cameras every created on a phone and you have a not-surprisingly great new iPhone. For any current iPhone owner, I can highly recommend the upgrade. For anybody considering the platform switch, the continued advancement of iOS should be able to keep both novice and experienced users Android users happy. 

How are you liking yours?

TEKSide Mix-September 2016

September's Playlist features James Bay twice and new artwork! All playlists (previous months have been updated) will feature a picture that represents that month along with the TEKSide Mix Logo. Great new idea brought to you by our founder, Clay Russell

MacOS Sierra introduced a couple of changes to iTunes. To try and better acquaint myself with it, I mainly listened to my personal library. Like Spotify, there are suggestions based on favorite artists and, of course, purchased content. One of these suggestions was James Bay's  Let It Go Live. I love this song (I actually got it as the "Free Single of the Week"  from iTunes), and with a few exceptions, live versions of songs tend to be my favorite. A suggestion from iTunes was KT Tunstall's new album, Kin. I saw one featuring James Bay and, as they say, the rest is history. 

The cover of the month is brought to you by Tumblr and those people that have playlists/songs automatically play. Those are the ones that get me dramatically clicking the close tab immediately. This was the first time I didn't mind it. It was soft and soothing! The song is Stand by Me by Florence & the Machine. This can be found in the album no one would think to look; in the Final Fantasy soundtrack to Original by Ben E. King

Hope you all enjoy!

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TEKSide Mix-August 2016

Augusts' playlist was done and finalized within the first 10 days of the month. After weeks of treating me like a stranger, my Spotify (Discovery) had finally generated music worthy of my love and adoration. - Hit after hit after hit! - I added one last song halfway through the month and true to this lists meaning; they became my most played songs in August. 

This month I cheated a little and included two cover songs instead of my usual one. I couldn't decide and figured they both balanced the playlist well. Now, I don't like nor care for Beyoncé. Not even one little bit. I'm in the minority but this is where we can meet in the middle. This cover of "Crazy In Love" is by a duo i'm very much in love with; Oh Wonder. I believe this is a BBC Radio cover and an excellent one. Also, check out the BBC Radio YouTube channel,a lot of artists cover other artists' songs and it's (most of the time) magic! Demi Lovato covering Hozier's "Take Me to Church" gave me chills! Who'd thought, right? The second is a sort of cover. It's "Sex" by Cheat Codes and Kris Kross. It basically rips the chorus from Salt-n-Pepa's "Let's Talk About Sex."

"Closer" by the Chainsmokers and "Send My Love (To Your New Lover) " by Adele are the two songs that I can assume everyone is familiar with. Radio stations are playing them on loop at the moment. Not hating on that ... yet. 

Hope everyone enjoys a song or two.  

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TEKTOK Podcast - EP030 - Technology & Other Stranger Things - Sweet TEK Pick - Penny

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This week my "Sweet TEK" (pick of the week) was Penny for iPhone by Friendly Finances, Inc.

I'm very hands on when it comes to managing my finances. I like to track expenses, set budgets and reconcile on a weekly basis. But I have to admit to being a little lazy when it comes to creating reports, tracking spending habits and forecasting my finances for the weeks ahead.

That's where my good friend Penny comes in. Penny and I have a good conversation about my finances every morning. She doesn't judge me. She doesn't make suggestions. She just does her best to make sure that I am aware of what is happening with my money. She does so by keeping a close eye on my deposits, bills, shopping, automotive and dining expenses. She presents easy to understand graphs that are helpful, not intimidating nor overwhelming. She has somehow managed to take a serious subject (my financial outlook) and make it something I actually enjoy reviewing on a regular basis.

So she has earned the honor of being called out on the most recent TEKTOK Podcast as my "Sweet TEK Pick".

If you haven't signed up with Penny, you should. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Be sure to use my referral code: 👍🍋🍔 (yes, that's emoji).

TEKSide Mix-July 2016

This Spring and Summer I've dipped my toes in the electronic music genre, whilst maintaining a foot in my comfort zone: indie. A couple of the songs on this months playlist share these similarities. I've listened to trio Wet for hours on end this past month. I bought their album via iTunes a couple of months ago but I saw a live version of one of their songs on my recommended list on Spotify and the obsession re-started. Their songs have so much meaning and emotion, it's hard (nowadays) to love every single track on an album but they've managed to make that possible. If you're following along, you'll notice April's playlist included a song by them as well. There is another repeat offender from April's playlist as well but I'll leave the investigative work up to you. 

The algorithm Instagram elves are the reason for July's cover song. A couple of months ago I clicked on a video that featured Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love" in the most beautiful rendition. It's by Haley Reinhart (whom I later learned was a contestant on American Idol), it's raw yet sweet. I dare say I like it more than the original. I'm currently looking into her other covers and they do not disappoint! Don't be surprised if she makes a repeat appearance. 

Enjoy and hope you all find a new favorite to listen on repeat until you hate it. 

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