Staying in Sync (iOS & Android)

There are those who prefer the iOS platform over Android. Then there are those who prefer the Android platform over iOS. Then there are those crazies like myself who just can't pick one side or the other and use both platforms regularly. 

Managing two different smartphones isn't easy. Managing two different platforms on two different smartphones takes some serious techie voodoo. 

Or does it?

Here are some tips for the rare breed of gadget lovers out there who insist on rocking both an Android device and an iOS device:

Phone Calls, SMS and Voicemail:

Google Voice: This is the one-stop-shop to get all your phone calls, text messages and voice mails on any Android or iPhone you carry. This is a staple service and in order to successfully manage two platforms, you need to set this up before continuing. (You can get more information on my setup here)


For two-way syncing: Google Calendar

For iCloud users: Use BusyCal (note: this will allow you to view all your iCloud calendars but it does not allow you to edit those iCloud calendars on your Android device.)


For two-way syncing: Google Contacts

For iCloud users: I use an app called Contacts Sync which is available in the iOS App Store. Contacts Sync gives you the ability to merge your iCloud contacts and Google Contacts or override one with the other. I personally set up a monthly purge and replace of my Google Contacts with my iCloud contacts.

Task and List Management:

Wunderlist: (works on both platforms and uses it's own server which means two way syncing between iOS and Android is flawless and painless.


Dropbox: (enough said)


Google Reader clients

Social Networking:

Most major social networks have apps for both platforms so that you can keep up to date with what is going on with your friends and family no matter which device you use. Here are some examples of a few of those apps:










Instagram (release for Android coming soon)


Look no further than Pocket Casts: This is a fantastic application on both platforms. You can easily export your podcast subscriptions on one device and import into another. (My Pocket Casts review for Android can be found here)


Option #1: For your iTunes library on both devices, there are a couple options. You can download doubleTwist for your Android device which will give you access to all your DRM free iTunes music by syncing with iTunes. 

Option #2: Upload your iTunes music to Google's music service.

Option #3: Rely on great streaming services such as Pandora or Rdio. This is my favorite option as there is no effort required by the user short of initially setting up the app with your personal radio stations (Pandora) or matching up with your iTunes library (Rdio).

(Check out my post on this here)


Words With Friends: is one example of a game that syncs across multiple platforms. There are several other developers out there who have created games to work with both platforms and that will keep your progress synced between both devices. 

In Closing:

Using these tips, managing two different smartphones or platforms for that matter does not have be a headache inducing experience. As a matter of fact, it can be quite the opposite if you are a fan of mobile technology and love to follow mobile platforms closely as they mature. 

Do you have any other tips or tricks for keeping your iOS and Android devices in sync? Please comment below: