Oh! What a Difference a Customizable Homescreen Can Make

So I finally found some time where I could actually sit and enjoy my Galaxy Nexus for a few hours and I decided that the first thing I really wanted to do with that time was customize. The ability to customize is the one thing above all else that has continuted to lure me away from the iPhone at times. You may have heard in previous podcasts how I wish that Apple would release an iThemes store and offer it's customers an option to really make our devices unique. Full on themes including wallpapers, icon packs, and sound bytes for starters would be fantasic. Unfortunately, that has not happened and the extent of customization allowed to those of us who don't "jailbreak" is left to a choice of wallpaper for our lockscreen and homescreen. We don't all wear blue jeans and black turtlenecks Apple. How about some options? 

Well, with Android, I can take matters into my own hands and that's exactly what I have done. I have decided to start with some widgets. Below is a screenshot gallery comparison between my 3 pages of apps on the iPhone 4S running the latest 5.0 software and my 5 homescreen pages on the Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich. I have also included shots of the stock lockscreens on both platforms.

Let me ask you this:

Which homescreen looks more appealing to you?