My Morning Mobile Workflow: The Critical 2nd Page of My iPhone Home Screen

My iPhone plays a critical role in my daily morning routine. Beginning at 5am every day, I swipe to the 2nd page home screen. I flow through every application from the top left to the bottom right of the page working through each application which typically takes me right at 1 hour to complete. Here is a quick summary of the apps and what role they play in my my morning "mobile" workflow. 

Lose It: Track my sleeping and diet habits

Weightbot: Track my weight and goal progress

Countdown: Count downs the days to key life events

Daily Deeds: Track daily goals (with simply a checkbox)

Glo Bible: A morning Bible study

Spanish Touch Trainer: A quick spanish lesson

Today: Check the weather forecast

Dark Sky: Check the radar

Deliveries: Track packages

Etrade: Check my porfolio

Sportacular: Scores, stats and news about my favorite teams

TV Forecast: What's on TV tonight?

Birdbrain: Manage followers to all my Twitter accounts

Facebook: Check my family news feed

Google+: See what my techie friends are posting

Path: (Currently cleaning up my feed)

Reeder: quickly browse my RSS news feeds

AutoEver: Run rules for automatic Evernote tagging and sorting

MoveEver: Manage Evernote Inbox

Day One: Journal previous day events

As I finish up this page, I then swipe back to my 1st homescreen for missed phone calls, messages, tweets and emails and then take a look at my calendar, journal and task managers to get a good look at the day ahead.

It's sounds like a lengthy process, but in reality it is probably the most efficient hour of my day. 

What about you? What does your morning workflow consist of?