My 1st Google Rant: Google Voice SMS Limit? WTH?!?

So I was just getting settled into my groove. I have successfully managed to use two devices on a regular basis. I was using the iPhone by day and the Android device by night. Thanks to the tips in this post, I was successfully getting all the information I needed (and wanted) on both devices. Social networking updates, documents, notes and media, was easily accessible on both devices. More importantly than that, I had my emails, calls and text messages going to both devices as well. I could literally pick up either phone at any time and not miss a beat. I could call from either phone or text from either phone and the person on the other end would notice no difference. So much of this capability was made possible by Google Voice. Then this happens....

I have my Galaxy Nexus with me and I get an important text message. I go to reply using Google Voice and get this message: "unable to send message". Now, normally, I would revert to the default messaging application but I decided I didn't need a messaging package with this phone because of Google Voice. Now I am thinking differently. (Update: I added one.) So after getting the "unable to send message" error, I immediately went to my settings application on the Nexus and made sure that my mobile data was turned on. I then checked my Google Voice settings. I sent an email to make sure there was not a problem with my internet connection. Everything else was working fine. Even incoming messages were still received on Google Voice. At this point, I am very discouraged. I get home and decide to try and send a Google Voice message from my computer using Growl Voice and I get an "unable to send message" there as well. I go to my iPhone and get the same result. I am still at a loss so I go to the biggest resource available, the interweb. I Google search for answers to my issue and nothing turns up. After several hours fuming, I decided I would try one more thing. I went to Google Voice on the web and tried to send a text there and then BAM!! I get a message saying that I have exceeded my SMS limit. WHAT??!!!! Exceeded my limit?!?

Understanding that Google Voice was the issue and not the hardware was good news. Realizing that my solution to managing multiple devices has been crippled by SMS limits was NOT good news. I am ok with the limit. My nerves have settled and now that I have had my hissy fit, I'll live with it. After all, it is a free service. What I am not ok with, is that there are no warning signs prior to this happening. This was NOT a good experience. I have found little to no information about this on the web in regard to the limit and what those limits are but I would hope that Google makes it more clear in the near future. 

Just a rant.

Until next time, thanks for readiing. 

By the way, it looks the service resumes after 24 hours from the time you reached your limit. So SMS on Google Voice is working again......for now.