iPhone Docked: Special Power User Edition Episode 2: Mixing Tech with Family


iPhone Docked Special Power User Edition - Mixing Tech With Family

Episode #: 2 

Date: 07-18-11

Host: Clay Russell

Guests: Shawn Roberts, Bill Stebbins (of the Simulcast)

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In this episode, we discuss:

Our jobs, our families and our household tech

The cost of tech in terms of dollars and time and how we budget both

The love triangle between us, our spouses and our smartphones

Getting our families involved in the world of tech

Hardware and software upkeep schedules

Family vacations (When is it time to unplug?)

Social Networking in regard to our families (how we keep in touch)

Final words from our guests on making it all work

Where you can reach my guests:

Bill Stebbins - on Twitter @billstebbins

Shawn Roberts - on Twitter @shawnJroberts


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