iPhone Docked Episode 31: Toggling Privacy/i-Like Photostream/Check out Train Conductor 2

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was Photostream. I wasn't sure what useful functionality this service would add to my already smooth system I use in managing photos. My process was simple. Every Sunday, I would import photos from my iPhone straight off the camera roll, than tag with faces and sort into albums. Now all the sudden, I have all these duplicate photos sitting in my Photostream! What in the World will I do with all those??!!

The answer?

Absolutely nothing. I found that simply using Photostream as strictly an archive/reference for the last 1000 photos I have taken works just fine for me. If I accidentally delete a photo? No problem. Photostream has got my back. Find yourself constantly referencing a photo for some particular reason but it is not necessarily a photo you want stored in an album? No problem. Just delete all the crap you don't want as you normally would, knowing that Photostream is going to have a backup of all your photos on all your Apple devices. This of course is assuming you haven't passed that 1000 photo threshold. 

Yep. I am liking Photostream. Good stuff right there.

What am I not liking? Not quite sure about this whole iWork/Document/iCloud storage thingie. It's got a ways to go before it replaces my Dropbox.

On the last iPhone Docked Podcast, we had a game developer on the show (Thomas Killen of the Voxel Agents). We talked in depth about the work that goes into iOS app development and then we talked about his app Train Conductor 2 in the App Store. It's a fun, addictive, fast paced, pick up and play game that is only $0.99. Oh! and it's universal. So you can manage and manipulate those spawning trains on any i-device you choose. So go check it out!

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