iPhone Docked Episode 29: G-Fail for iOS/i-Like 100 Pushups by Vitastone

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This week my "i-Like" (pick of the week) was 100 Pushups by Vitastone. I picked this app because of it's simplicity. As I prepare for the birth of Fiona Marie Russell in just under a couple weeks, what used to be my home gym, is now a nursery. We don't have the space in our home for fitness equipment and I don't have the time to join a gym. What I do have time for is pushups. Pushups are an excellent exercise for really utilizing the core muscles in your upper body. It is a great strength training exercise and it takes no equipment and little to no space. 

Enter...100 Pushups.

As you open the app, you are asked to start doing pushups. Based on the max number you can do in 1 set, it sets up a program for you starting you at a level that is appropriate based on your test. As you perform each workout, you will naturally start being able to do more and more pushups as your upper body strength increases. The app suggests taking a day off in between each day you exercise and as you go through your daily program you will also notice that there are built in 60 to 120 second breaks between sets of pushups. If you fall short of your daily pushup goal, the app suggests that your restart that day's workout on the next workout day as you should not progress until you are ready. I started with about 40 pushups a day and in just a few weeks I have doubled that. The app is priced affordably at $1.99 in the App Store. But the benefits of this app are worth much more. 

Think this may be something you can find useful? Are there any other apps in this genre that help your reach your fitnesss goals?

Please comment below.